The Ultimate Wedding Vendors Checklist for your Big Day

Wedding planning can be overwhelming to a couple, especially if you don’t have a solid plan to work with. If you are feeling stressed over the planning, take a deep breath and relax. Remember your wedding is all about the two of you. Also, there are no rules when it comes to planning for your big day, so relax.

By Eivan’s Team

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As you navigate your wedding planning process, Eivan’s Photo and Video is here to ensure your special day unfolds just as you’ve always imagined. A crucial part of this journey is curating the best wedding vendor checklist. Start by selecting a reputable cake baker to craft the centerpiece of your reception, and consider a videographer to capture every dance move on the floor. Analyze portfolios to ensure your chosen professionals can encapsulate those special moments exactly the way you want. Linens and floral arrangements will set the stage for your dream wedding, while the bar service keeps the celebration alive. Remember to check on pricing to ensure all services align with your budget, and don’t shy away from involving a family member to assist with decisions. Lastly, use a template to keep everything organized, ensuring you and your‌ newlyweds enjoy every moment of your special day.

As you plan for your wedding day, the best way to help you navigate all the stress and tasks that are ahead of you is by creating a wedding day timeline. The wedding timeline includes all the booking and organizing you have to do as well as the wedding vendors.

To help your planning process be less stressful, we have mapped out a wedding planning checklist. it will in turn help you come up with your wedding vendors’ checklist. Note that some of the vendors may be relevant to you while others may not. So how do you know the ones you need versus those you don’t. By figuring out what kind of wedding you want.

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Wedding Vendors Checklist

Wedding planner

Of all the vendors you will need, a planner is on top of the list. Why? The wedding planner not only keeps you organized and within the wedding budget, but they also handle any hiccups on the wedding day. Hiring a planner is definitely worth the cost but shop around for an affordable one.

The wedding venue

Everything on your wedding day revolves around the venue! At the beginning of your planning, check out venues of your preference and settle on the one you like. Go ahead and book for the venue before you send out any save-the-date cards to your guest list in case it is unavailable. Also, before handing over down or final payment, get all the right information. Make sure it is fit for a wedding ceremony and reception venue you want.

The wedding officiant

Some venues provide you with a pastor, rabbi, or priest. But if yours does not or you prefer to choose your officiant, it’s best to do it as early. Get an officiant as early as 10 months before your wedding to secure your day. You don’t want to start looking for one at the very last minute and end up with one you dislike. At the same time, you seek this service vendor, start your process to obtain a marriage license in time for your wedding.

The florist

Flowers are a big part of a wedding, and you don’t want to get them at the last minute. Hire a florist 6-8 months before your wedding date. It is better to have this vendor ready in advance than late. Plus you have the time to discuss the style of bouquets or flower arrangements that you want.

Wedding photographer

Whether you are eloping with your partner or hosting a huge ceremony, your wedding day is one you will want to remember. A wedding photographer will capture your engagement and wedding day memories professionally. That’s why couples hire a professional wedding photographer for their day.

A videographer

After the big day is over, you will want to relive the memories of the day, and the wedding photos are not enough. A wedding videographer will capture these memories and create a film that will allow you to experience the event again every time you watch. This wedding vendor is a worthy cause.

The caterer

Once you have your venue booked and hired a planner, start looking for a wedding caterer depending on the kind of menu you have in mind. Know what to look for when hiring a caterer and check out their reviews. Plan to have a tasting of your menu type before you book the caterer. Your wedding planner might help you in getting a favorable caterer that they have successfully worked with in the past.

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The Baker

Some caterers include a wedding cake in their services but if not or if you want to hire a separate baker, go ahead and do so. Picking your wedding cake is a fun part of your wedding planning. You and your partner get to go for cake tasting and pick your decoration options. Visit several bakers before you settle on one at least 6 months before the wedding day.

Rentals company

A rental company provides such items as chairs, tables, décor, and dinnerware for your big day. Some of these things will be available through the caterer, but rental companies tend to have more variety to choose from. If you are hosting an outdoor wedding or a destination wedding it is best to add Rentals Company to your wedding vendor list.

The band/DJ

Your wedding will not be complete without good music played by a professional. You will want to hire a band or a DJ who is a wedding professional but can also listen to your choices. Listen to the music ahead of time and discuss what type of music you want them to play that matches your wedding style. While it’s okay to give out a list of songs, avoid being the DJ at your wedding. Discuss the kind of music you prefer, create a shortlist of specific songs and allow the professional to handle the rest.

The transportation

Wedding transportation must be planned for in advance at least 4 months. You want pleasant transportation and drivers for a limo, shuttle bus, or a trolley that means you have to book them early enough. This transport might be for you and your wedding party. Your wedding guests too might need pickup from the hotel rooms to the venue.

Hair stylist and makeup artist

They are as important as the rest of the vendors because they will help look and feel amazing on your big day. With all the wedding photos and videos that will be shot on that day, it’s best to hire experts for your makeup and hairdo. Some magical moments will be captured while getting your hair and makeup done alone or with your bridesmaids or with your closest friends and family around you.


Another fun part of wedding planning is choosing your stationery – wedding invitations, RSVPs, guest book, place cards, menu cards, and other stationery items. You will get help from an experienced stationer to help you select the right paper products and ensure everything is set in a timely fashion.


Your wedding bands are a critical part of your marriage, but they must represent your style. Get a trusted jeweler to help you find the perfect wedding rings for both you and your partner.


When planning your wedding, the best strategy is to book all the critical vendors as early as possible. Also, put up your wedding website as early as possible to help with passing information. Do not stress yourself into taking all the tasks at once you will crush. Create a wedding timeline and let your wedding planner help plan what to tackle each month.

It is critical to split the list with your fiancé, close family, and friends. It will help take the pressure off one person. Have the man sort out his wedding tux, and groomsmen attires as you sort out your wedding dress, flower girls, and bridesmaids. This will cut the work by half.

Ask for help from family and friends to work on your DIY centerpieces as early as possible to avoid running behind schedule. Once your guest list is confirmed, write up the seating chart, shop for wedding favors, and have them packed as you wish so that it doesn’t tire you out at the last minute.

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