An Introduction to Wedding Photography Styles Every Couple Should Know

A wedding is for sure one of the most important moments in everybody’s life. You will be glad to remember those beautiful moments decades later. And the best way to wake up the nostalgia is with all these stunning photos you’ve got.

But before the selection of a photographer, let’s do some homework. It’s important to learn about different wedding photography styles. There are many types and options to choose from, and you’re going to enjoy the process. Let us introduce you to the styles of wedding photography.

Popular Wedding Photography Styles in 2020 – 2021

Artistic Wedding Photography

Man And Woman Standing Beside Gray Plane

There is something more in artistic photography than capturing the moment. Here, the goal is not only to document the event but to show a creative element of the story.

The artistic style of wedding photography reflects the views of the photographer. Yet, you, as a model, play a crucial part in the process.

With the right level of cooperation, you will end up with a unique and magical memory, and not only a good photo.

Since all the weddings are not traditional, neither the photos have to be. Artistic photos often have a dreamy moment, unusual composition and aesthetic feel. And they for sure transfer the emotion.

Candid Wedding Photography

man in black suit and woman in white wedding dress

Just the opposite of the traditional and artistic styles of wedding photography.

In candid photography, there are no posed appearances, directions and guidelines. Shots are spontaneous, and subjects may not be even aware they are photographed at the moment.

The result is a natural posing and honest facial expression. The photographer is constantly moving around the venue.

His job is to capture the rituals, reactions, and emotions most realistically. The beauty of candid photography lies in the ability to show the entire ambiance in the venue. Exactly like you and the present guests used to perceive it.

Documentary Wedding Photography

Man In Blue Suit Laughing Woman In White Wedding Dress

Here’s the one that captures the story. Like the candid shots, documentary photography is not posed or prearranged.

The goal is to transfer the beauty of the tale of your wedding through a connected sequence of spontaneous shots.

In all the styles of wedding photography, the most important is to take all the key shots.

But this one tells even more. Have you seen this shot of a father lifting the bride’s veil in front of the future husband? Or the unique facial expression on guests looking down the aisle when the couple is about to kiss? These are valuable photos.

Dramatic Wedding Photography

Couple Walking On Beach During Sunset

In dramatic photography, it’s all about the lighting and post-production. About the technical abilities and the experience of the photographer.

These are essentials within this style of wedding photography. When you see one, for sure you know that you’re looking at the dramatic type of photo.

The contrast is high, with a lot of blacks, and usually, there is an evident focus on the subject. They are bold, strong and not for everyone.

They may not bet your first choice when you think about different types of wedding photography. Yet, it won’t be a coincidence if you choose a dramatic photo as a favorite one from the celebration.

Drone Wedding Photography

people sitting on chairs inside church

Whoever invented drones, we’re thankful. Only a couple of years ago, aerial photography was an exclusive privilege.

It was reserved only for the wealthiest ones. And now, it’s an essential part of the portfolio of lots of commercial photographers.

The styles of wedding photography expanded dramatically with this one. The possibilities of drone photography are endless.

The only rule is to shoot outdoors. Capturing from the sky may be more challenging. It will need a proper plan. But hey, having a nature fight on your side will make this job easy.

Fields, gardens, old churches, ancient buildings, sandy beaches. The inspiration is endless, and you, as a couple will be shown in a compelling feeling of closeness.

Film Wedding Photography

married couple walking through bubbles

What is a violin for music, is film for photography. Colors on the film photos are rich and delicate and there’s something wonderful about it.

There will be some imperfections, someone may blink, the pose may not be just perfect, but hey, neither are we.

Shooting with film may need more work. You will wait longer for the photos to be finished. This one is the most time-consuming among all the styles of wedding photography.

Still, a couple of hours will be saved since the editing is minimal. Do you feel like an old school person and all this new age Instagram, photo filters and such isn’t your thing? You may consider the true, retro, film photography.

Modern Wedding Photography

woman in white dress sitting on brown wooden chair

In contrast to film, and traditional photography, here comes the modern one. Modern photography knows no rules and doesn’t have established methods.

It’s about pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box. Since the wedding trends are shaping the modern type of wedding photography, it’s on a constant change.

Here are some popular examples you may consider right now:

  • Choosing a second shooter: The photographers can follow both of you. Let the bride and the groomsmen start the story separately. Later on, as the wedding ceremony approaches, you may merge.
  • Hire a wedding videographer: Maybe you’re the type of person who prefers video instead of a photo. Who doesn’t like a good looking, cinematic footage of an amazing event?
  • Day-after shoots: A wedding day can get a little exhausting. For you, the guests, and the photographer. So why wouldn’t you take some shots tomorrow? Or make a spontaneous after-party?

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Man And Woman Kissing On Beach During Daytime

Do you want your style of wedding photography to look like your wedding and not the cliché Instagram post? Then the photojournalistic style of wedding photography is for you.

Try to imagine what your wedding day looks like. From the start to an end. Okay, what have you got? You woke up in the morning, drank a coffee with the loved one.Later you went to the salon to get your hair done. Then you invited the closest friends to prepare together. Let’s not forget all the faces, smiles, hugs.

This is what photojournalism is all about. Clear and transparent documentation of your wedding day. No fake poses. No beautify filters. Everything is already as beautiful as it’s supposed to be.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional Wedding Groom In Blue Suit Bride In White Dress

Timeless classic – that is traditional wedding photography style. Yes, all the fancy trends are cool, and the technology is giving us many benefits. Yet, for lots of you, the wedding is still the traditional and formal celebration.

And photography should follow the same ethics. This is the complete opposite of candid photography, and all the shots are planned.

This is also the safest and most universal type. With the traditional style of wedding photography, you will have all the essential shots.

The preparation, personal photos of groom and bride, photos of bouquets, shoes, rings and all the group photo variations. Choose this one and you’ll be safe and sound.

Vintage Wedding Photography

Man In Black Suit And Woman In White Wedding Dress Walking On Gray Concrete Pathway During

The vintage style of wedding photography is much more than a sepia filter and brown tones. It’s about the full retro – vintage experience of the wedding.

This is one very popular option among the different styles of wedding photography. People prefer this type of photography even for everyday activities. There surely is something appealing in these photos.

Or it’s because of the feeling of nostalgia they are waking. You can even go one step further and through the decor and ambience, give the retro feel to the whole wedding.