Bridal Party Colors

Weddings are celebrated year-round by the millions, in different ways. Though the wedding theme and wedding venue may differ for each couple, there’s always one thing that makes a wedding work: thorough wedding planning. The impact of any wedding party is a clear reflection of how essential wedding planning is. Overall cohesion is what makes any wedding party extraordinarily beautiful.

Any wedding theme is held together by a well-thought-out wedding color scheme. It’s a given: the bride’s wedding dress may stand out from the rest, as it should. However, it shouldn’t be awkward for the individual who sees the wedding color palette as a whole.

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In Demand Seasonal Wedding Color Schemes

If you’re planning your own wedding theme, the vast collection of wedding color ideas will leave you overwhelmed. Perusing through the list of popular wedding colors is no easy task, and you’d best leave that to a professional. Several factors should mesh together: your wedding invitations, wedding bouquets, and even your wedding cake.

Yet, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your part. You can decide on the perfect color that aligns with your wedding theme, be it an indoor or outdoor wedding. Choose from these color combinations, depending on the season you’ll have your wedding party.

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Fall wedding colors that astound

September and October: the two most popular months to get married. This actually comes as no surprise since you can literally feel love and sexy romance brewing in the air.

What’s more, the weather is cool (winter is only a few months away), yet still warm from summer. That makes a fall wedding perfect for tying the knot. Check out these wedding color suggestions for your big day.

  • Edgy and stylish

Who doesn’t want to turn heads and look their best at their wedding party? Wearing an ethereal and mysterious look can be achieved with the right color palette. Warm fall wedding colors are perfect for the setting but add some finishing touches. Navy blue and maroon are highly-recommended for the grand occasion.

  • Whimsical yet chic

Nature-inspired prefer a rustic wedding or a boho wedding theme. The bride’s wedding dress complements the season’s greenery, a combination of earthy and glam. As for wedding décor, make sure to go for a neutral color palette with a pop of color, like teal. The boho or rustic wedding is typically outdoors, and nature would make the best background for your special day.

Summer wedding at its finest

Flowers in full bloom, the smell of citrus in the air, and bright colors all around: that’s what summer has to offer. Getting married in summer means you get all these, and many more.

Summer is also ideal for its mild yet steamy temperatures, perfect for hosting summer soirees. If you’re unsure, try some Pantone color swatches to see what matches you and your bridal party best.

  • Refreshing and light

Lush and gorgeous best describe this wedding color scheme: pastel shades. You can go for pale shades, like light blue, light pink, and lilac, as these color combinations are calming and give off an enchanting vibe.

  • Contemporary yet romantic

Stunning summer wedding colors are usually represented by shades of blue, teamed with cool and primarily bright colors. In this wedding color scheme, wedding centerpieces are decorated with floral patterns that show the couple’s romantic side.

Wedding Color Palettes That Pop Out

As with a fall and summer wedding, your color palettes should still work cohesively for the other two seasons. Though not as in demand, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get the best wedding colors for your big day.

Think creatively to get inspiration as to what wedding color palette looks best for your bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen attire. Most importantly, your wedding dress should be the most eye-catching, whatever wedding color ideas you desire.

The winter wedding look at its best

Getting hitched in winter sounds dreamy, and what better time to exchange your I do’s than this chilly season? On the downside, this could also mean you’ll get stuck with long-hemmed dresses for your bridesmaids and long-sleeved suits for your groomsmen.

Your wedding look might be a bit limited due to the frosty weather, but rest assured, you can still showcase your personal fashion sense. Take a look at these winter wedding colors with the most impact.

  • Earthy yet mellow

Classic tones match winter, and your bridal party would look fabulous, showcasing neutral colors, like taupe, dusty rose, dusty blue, and mauve. If you can add these muted touches to your theme, mixed with black and white tones, that would be great.

  • High-class and elegant

Jewel tones are ideal for a winter wedding as well. Emerald green, blush pink, royal blue – these are but a few colors that have an intense visual impact. These color combinations give you a timeless yet classic appeal.

Spring wedding colors that complement

Your big day should be one celebration to remember for a long time. To make sure this happens, you have to choose the best time to get married. For many couples, that would be spring.

Many couples love spring for its dreamy feel, warm and comfortable weather, and the feeling of hope it brings. Your color combos should complement each other, and here are two ideas that work well.

  • Cozy yet stunning

A cozy wedding color scheme sets a good atmosphere at a wedding party. Your color combos should complement each other. Choose shades of blue for dark accents, like merlot and luxe, and pair with striking touches of green (sage green, cyan). The otherwise organic elements make the occasion picture perfect.

  • Blooming and delicate

Spring weddings are ideal for showing pastel hues, as they deliver a soft yet intimate feel. Such color combinations are unique and will be even more so by adding colorful wedding flowers.

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At the end of the day

Make your wedding day more visually pleasing and a touch more aesthetic to the senses. By choosing the right wedding color palette to match your wedding theme, you and your guests will definitely enjoy the exciting color combos. A helpful tip: a little pop of color goes a long way into making your wedding day the envy of everyone.

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