Dramatic Wedding Photography

Not all weddings are the same, and neither they should be. Future brides and grooms are now having access to more information than ever before. Having this in mind, the opportunities to customize your wedding are limitless. Some couples are even going to extremes with the selection of location, theme or some of the odd wedding ideas.

For example, did you know it’s possible to get married in the New York Public Library? The procedure to achieve that is not simple, as expected, yet it is possible. When you manage to rent the place, you “only” need to get all the permissions to perform a wedding ceremony.

And another small thing – a ceremony has to be performed by a government official. Or not so elegant option – a wedding in the brewery or distillery. Imagine that epic wedding with unlimited quantities of beer or sports! Okay, this may be a dangerous option as well.

You got the point. A wedding can get as creative as your imagination. Show your uniqueness as a couple to all the friends and family.

Another practical way to express yourselves is through the right selection of photography style. Since all the venues are not the same, tradition may also vary a lot, it’s the same with photography. Not all wedding shots have to be the same. Here we will talk about dramatic wedding photography – one of the most creative styles of wedding photographs.

Man In Blue Suit Laughing Woman In White Wedding Dress

What is dramatic wedding photography?

Dramatic wedding photography is all about the perfect lighting, strong feelings and sharp focus on the subject. Contrary to popular belief, the drama doesn’t have to be bad. At least not in the photography world.

To include drama into the photo means to create a mood that stands out. Three key elements are mandatory for a dramatic shot. Selection of perfect subject, lighting and post-editing.

  • Lighting in dramatic wedding photography

While light is responsible for the creation of a mood in photography, in dramatic photos, it’s a key factor. Lighting should create a strong contrast between black and white.

To create an epic shot, an experienced photographer may use a trick or two to make a shot outstanding. Shooting into the sun, or if indoors, use of widow light can help the process.

  • Dramatic wedding photography’s post-production

Some may consider this as cheating. But if used moderately and professionally, it can do miracles. Speaking of dramatic wedding photography, only mild editing is allowed. This involves modifying color, and adjustments of saturation, shadows and highlights.

HDR can be seen, and some parts of the photo may be blurred to make the subject in the center stand out.

How to take the best out of the wedding photographs

You don’t want to screw up your wedding photography, that’s for sure. In theory, getting to know your preferable wedding photography style will help you a lot. And that’s the reason why we are introducing you to all these ways to capture your amazing wedding.

Another, a more practical method is to speak directly with a professional. Feel free to call our consultants, inform yourself, and arrange the custom package built only for you.

Let’s not forget – wedding photo shooting starts before the wedding days. By reading this article we are sure that you’re doing your homework. However, there are a couple more things you should think about before the wedding.

Make a list of photos you find beautiful

This one speaks a thousand words. You may have done this, but if not, don’t hesitate. Pinterest, Instagram, personal galleries, all these are great sources to start from. Let’s face it, although you should strive for uniqueness, chances to create an idea from scratch are minor.

So why shouldn’t you help yourself a bit? The goal here is not to copy other people, but to get an idea of what you want to achieve. Bonus tip – after reading this, will you be able to tell which ones belong to the dramatic wedding photography style?

Pick a style that suits you best

Yes, we mentioned this a thousand times. And we will mention it a thousand more. It is so important. When you narrow the choice to a particular style of wedding photographs, you did more than half of the work. And don’t only look in the aesthetics factor.

Something may look good to you, but you’re not a type of person for that specific style. Read through the other articles where we’re explaining to you about different photography styles. See if you are a perfect match for that one.

Get to know the photographer

After you’ve done the previous two, this comes last. You need to connect with the photographer before the wedding day. Get to know each other and speak about different styles and possibilities.

Speak about the photos you find good looking. Tell about the ones you would like to recreate, and see if you’ll click. A great way to connect with the photographer is to shoot some engagement photos.

Not only you will be on the same page, but you’ll get to know how the other person is thinking and working. This will cause much less stress for the wedding day, where everything should be perfect. Don’t leave this to a chance.

Learn to dance with the camera before the show. Another tip – dramatic wedding photography is a perfect style for an engagement session. Here you’ll be brave enough to experiment.

“Not the best match for me – I prefer the old school”

Now you know what dramatic wedding photography is all about. And your reaction is – meh, not the best option you would take. Then the old school is for you. Traditional wedding photography is still a way to go for most of the brides and grooms.

There is a set of rules and guidelines, and success is guaranteed. With the traditional one, you get all the preset poses and the photographer will lead the whole process.

“Sounds amazing! Is there any more?”

Do you like this one? Awesome! You are the fearless soul that loves to experiment. Within the amazing category, you should try the drone wedding photography. What used to be an imagination a couple of years before, now it became a reality.

Get the essence of an aerial shot at your wedding including all the beauties that nature has to offer! Showcase that amazing venue you’ve got, from an unseen dimension.