Modern Wedding Photography

Current trends are shaping all the parts of our lives, even the ones we considered as traditional and unchanging – such as wedding days. This is not a bad thing. In the end, everything comes to a matter of taste and personal preference. Even if you prefer doing things in an old-fashioned way, still you could find a couple of lovely and modern wedding ideas.

Wedding planning can get as creative as your imagination. While pushing the limits of the traditional, you’ll make your wedding unforgettable for all the guests. There is a whole list of wedding segments where you can get creative and show the uniqueness.

From the wedding venue and the unique wedding decor, to clothes – dresses and suits. Yet, we will speak about the one we’re the most familiar with, and that surely is modern wedding photography. Within this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about the popular trends and how you can get the most of them.

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About modern wedding photography

What used to be an industry standard 10 years ago, may not apply today. Modern wedding photography is spreading its roots among the number of newlyweds within the US and the world. People got tired of cliché photos with compositions seen for the thousand times.

And all of us within the industry are thankful for that. While it may be easier to work “by the book,” it’s way more interesting to follow the trends, experiment and implement the innovations.

Wedding photographs have changed much during the last decade. Mostly due to the influence of modern technology and social media. Standards for photography became much higher. Even for the regular person, not involved in the photography business. Sharing photos with the public have become a regular every-day activity.

Because of all these, modern wedding photography needed to go one step forward, since competition is everywhere. Nearly every fifth-grade student is now able to create a good photo with the phone that everyone has.

Luckily, also for the professionals, options and opportunities are much higher. From the different angles of shooting, such as aerial photography, through advanced post-editing, modern wedding photography is doing miracles.

Modern wedding trends

Check out this list of modern wedding trends and get the idea of how can you spice up a wedding day.

  • Eco-friendly wedding

While this one may be here for a while, the popularity of eco-friendly wedding is rising. And the reason for this is more than oblivious. Our planet is demanding a change from us in every aspect of our lives.

Considering the planet during the wedding planning is not another task that requires hard work. It’s enough to be aware of this idea and the desired result will be achieved.

You can start with the selection of a green venue. If you are considering an outdoor wedding, the first step is on the way. When outdoors, there is no need for excessive and artificial decoration. Nature has already prepared a decoration for your wedding day up to some level. Also, the wedding florist will be thankful for this.

Consider plated dinner, instead of a buffet-style to reduce the waste. If you still opt for buffet dining, make sure to plan the donation of untouched food.

Chances you’re going to wear that wedding dress or a tuxedo again are less than minimal. With plenty of renting options, you’ll manage to find a proper match with no doubt. Instead of that, rather invest that amount of money in something that will give more meaning and serve a bigger purpose.

  • Craft cocktail station

Oh, we love this. A regular cocktail station is often seen at weddings. Yet, an amazing, craft cocktail style bar is not so frequent. Take the experience from your favorite cocktail bar, and bring it to your guests. Cocktails today are much more than a Cuba Libre and Blue Lagoon. All the cool infusions and home-made syrups and bitters will amaze the crowd. Speak about this with your favorite bartenders. They will be glad to help.

  • Unexpected choreographies

You have seen these videos on the internet for sure. Instead of the traditional first dance, why shouldn’t you create something way more interesting. Work with a choreographer to create an amazing piece of entertainment in a different form. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it will be out of the comfort zone for most of you. Yet after this, you’ll feel more relaxed and will be able to lift the mood of the party.

  • After parties

The party is not over during the night of a wedding day. It is over after a proper afterparty. The day of the wedding will be full of stress, whether you like it or not. You will dance, and you will enjoy it, but not as much as you should. This is why you should give yourself an unforgettable afterparty to enjoy with the closest group of friends. Take on your casual clothes and have a blast for your soul.

Modern photo shoot ideas

  • Pre-wedding photoshoots

This idea may not be as fresh, but it’s still very popular and you should consider it. We were already talking about the many benefits of this modern wedding photography trend. Most importantly, you’ll get to know the photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera. Aren’t these two enough?

  • Drone wedding photography

Aerial photography became almost a must-have for every real wedding. Get an aerial perspective of the day when you said a fateful yes. Especially if the wedding is outdoors, in nature, drones will be able to capture amazing footage of the stunning surrounding area.

  • Videographer for a cinematic footage

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the proverb says. One second of a movie consists of 24 frames, and then we multiply that number with thousand… Okay, one thing is clear. A video can show more than regular photography and will add to the value of the recorded material. Although wedding videographers are included within the wedding package, don’t overlook that.

  • Day after shoots

As the day after parties are within the current trends, also are a day after shots taking part in modern wedding photography. Same as the party, the shots are done in a relaxed manner and no stress at all. Watch out for this, you may enjoy it more on the day after than at the wedding.

Now you know what it takes to organize a proper modern wedding. Call your wedding planner and speak about these ideas. And since you want to document everything, let us provide you with the best modern photographers for your special day!