Traditional Wedding Photography

According to many couples, a wedding is a traditional classic. There should be no room for modern and fancy exaggeration. This is why traditional photography is still among the most popular styles. Despite modern technology, trends and equipment, traditional wedding photographers are not taking a rest.

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What is traditional wedding photography?

With this one, you are not going to experiment. Fancy approach with the influence of modern trends is reserved for photography styles other than traditional. This is how the wedding day is properly documented. And it was like this since the popularization of wedding photography. If it wasn’t this good and reliable method – it wouldn’t be so popular, even nowadays.

Traditional wedding photography comes with a set of rules and guidelines. By following them, soon to be married couple will get the best out of the photoshoot. This may be the greatest benefit of this wedding photography style.

It is the safest method for you all who are not sure what to do in front of the camera. This is just the opposite of photojournalism. Traditional wedding photographers are in direct communication with the subject. They are giving all the necessary help and guidelines for posing and capturing the perfect photo.

In these wedding albums, you will find all the key shots of every wedding. And they will be beautiful. Posed portraits will be top-notch like they are done by the professional models. The first dance will transfer the same emotion as during the wedding day. And the photos of guests and family members will remind of a model photo book.

Downsides of traditional wedding photography unfortunately still exist. Here we are presenting you with both, the good and the bad of every style. You can take a look, and decide what’s important for you. Once you’ve done that, weight the pros and cons, and tell if the particular style is suitable for your needs.

The biggest drawback here comes from the uniqueness of the photographs. Just because of all the guidelines and posed appearances, photos may look dull and uniform. Yet, are you the type of person who wants to do acrobatics in front of the camera?

Or interested in fine art wedding photography? If the answer is negative, we’ve found a style of wedding photography for you. Go for the traditional, and your wedding pictures will be safe and sound.

Wedding photography through time

It’s believed that the first wedding photography was made back in 1840. It was a royal historical moment – Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s nuptials. From that moment wedding photography started to develop, yet in a very slow manner.

Even the couples who could afford a photographer at that time couldn’t get the type of photos like today. Until the end of the 19th century, it was near to impossible get a photo of the wedding ceremony.

The only way to take a photo of you and your family members was in the studio. This was either done before or after the wedding day. The reason for this is bulky and heavy equipment.

A great innovation from the start of the 20th century was the invention of color photography. Yet, because of its price and complicated procedures, people were primarily using black and white photography until the middle of the century.

After the mid-20th century, wedding photography started to look like the one we see nowadays. Since the technology was evolving, more compact cameras were made. Comparing to the ones used a couple of decades before, it was not so hard to carry these.

From that moment it became possible to capture the essence of the whole wedding day. This is the time when traditional wedding photography was born.

Candid vs traditional wedding photography

There is a huge rivalry going on between these to major styles. Although they are a complete opposite, the selection is often among these two.

In case you’re not familiar with candid moments in photography, let’s see what it is about. A key factor is within the approach of the photographer. While traditional wedding photographers are close to the subject, guiding and correcting poses, candid is just the opposite. Classic wedding portraits are non-existent over here. The main point is to capture the raw beauty of a particular moment from the distance. Shots and poses are spontaneous, with the ability to transfer real, and not prearranged emotion and scene. Just like in the photojournalistic method that you’re probably familiar with.

Candid photography is the least time-consuming, and every newlywed loves that. You will have all the needed time to focus on your wedding party and yourself. Photography will be a project in the background and the best way to make it successful is to let go and have fun on your big day.

On the other hand, traditional wedding photographers will make you feel safe. You may lose an hour or two on portraiture, but in that way, you’ll be 100% satisfied with the outcome. Even if you’re too strict with yourself. j

Traditional wedding photography poses

While all the good traditional wedding photographers will come with a list of poses, having a few ideas on your own style of photography will surely help. Also, it’s important to see if the pose you want to make is a good fit for you.

A fancy and unique pose you’ve seen on Pinterest may look amazing, but can you recreate it? As traditional wedding photography is safe ground, we suggest you – play safe with the poses as well.

  • Walking side by side

This one sends a real deep message. A couple is walking next to each other, reassembling their path of life.

Another variation of this pose is when one person is standing in front of another, holding other’s hand and leading the way forward.

man and woman kissing on road during daytime
  • The dip pose

To take this one, the groom should softly dip the bride and either kiss her or look in the eyes. The best result is achieved if the bride’s torso is almost parallel with the ground.

This pose performs exceptionally on a natural landscape such as a grass field or a sandy beach.

man in white t-shirt carrying baby in white dress on gray concrete road during daytime
  • Sunset silhouette

A perfect moment to take a photo after the ceremony and before the real night party.

Find a place where sunset will make a silhouette out of you and get creative with the shape.

woman in white sleeveless dress holding bouquet of flowers
  • Kiss under the veil

A beautiful connection of newlyweds is shown in this pose. This is the essence of marriage in one photo.

man and woman kissing under a white mesh net
  • The whisper

As intimate as the previous one. Tell your partner how much you adore him/her. A facial expression with the reaction will make this photo shining.

man in black suit kissing woman in white wedding dress
  • The end of the day

After you’ve done with everything and the guests have already left, take one photo for the end. Let the location be an empty venue or the way back.

man and woman kissing at the end of their reception