Candid Wedding Photography

By now you have been thinking and discussing the right wedding photography for your special day. You have seen a huge list of different photos and types of photos by now. Some you liked, and the others, yet, were not so beautiful. At least not for you. The reason, of course, may be in the quality of the photo itself. But rather than that, the reason may lie in the wrong selection of the wedding photography style.

We were already talking about different wedding photography styles. You are aware of how the right selection may influence general satisfaction. Here, at Eivan’s, we will not only provide you with the best photographer and a package tailored for your needs.

We are willing to go one step forward. In this series of articles, we will guide you through all the different styles of wedding photography. Not all weddings are the same, and the difference in taste and style is even bigger. The same rule applies to wedding photography. And we believe everyone should pick a style according to the personal ideal of beauty.

Check the rest of this article and decide. Candid wedding photography may be the best match for your wedding ceremony.

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What is candid wedding photography?

This is the spontaneous shot. An authentic, honest, and realistic representation of the emotion and the ambiance. Candid wedding photography is often the first choice for most of the couples and their wedding party. Although this one is not among the fresh wedding trends, and it’s been present for a while, its popularity is on a constant rise.

What makes candid wedding photography so special?

  • Candid wedding photographers are invisible

The goal of candid photography is to document the reality in its intact form. People tend to behave and act differently when they know they are being recorded. Their expressions are not natural, they may feel awkward, and some would even rather leave the area. Also, it can be hard sometimes to free yourself and indulge in a moment of celebration and happiness.

With the rising influence of social media on our lives, we tend to compromise the fun we should have for a perfect photo on our Instagram feed. And even worse, we choose to sit down and not have fun, just because we may end up with an awkward photo. Candid wedding photography is the opposite of all this. Yes, the photographer is over there, and for sure is recording. But his subtle presence will not restrict you from having an amazing time.

  • Shots are natural, capturing the emotion and the energy

By choosing candid wedding photography, you will get more than a report on a wedding day. Candid shots can transform the energy of the moment, giving you goosebumps; even years after the event. The emotion transferred through a spontaneous shot is way stronger than any other.

Real happiness, joy and excitement are hard to act on a photo, and here is the beauty of a candid shot. You don’t have to pretend and fake the excitement for the camera. All you need to do is to release yourself and enjoy the moment together with the closest ones.

  • You have more time for all the fun you deserve

Before the wedding day, you have been working hard. Even with the best wedding planner, you’ve been walking a thousand miles to get things done. Now the wedding day has come, and the stress should come to an end.

Photography should be the least of your concerns. It is time to go there, talk, dance and laugh with friends and family. Couples often forget that, but the wedding day is all about you, and you must not forget to enjoy it.

Candid wedding photography tips and advice

  • Ignore the photographer

Okay, we don’t mean you shouldn’t offer him a cake or drink. Just don’t mind his presence. Act like on any other day or the event. Yes, a wedding is a big day, but this is another reason to let go and enjoy it.

  • Don’t be afraid to express your emotions

As it was already said – let go, enjoy the moment, and let your emotions bloom. When talking about candid wedding photography, this is the only way to make a perfect shot. Don’t pose, don’t even try your best to look good. You are already looking amazing in the ecstasy of euphoria. There is nothing else you should add. And yes, let’s not forget this one. A glass of wine always helps.

Sometimes it’s much easier to say something than to do it. If you think you will not be as comfortable in front of the photographer, you should introduce to each other. The best option is to organize engagement shots. Like this, you’ll have enough time to relax in front of the camera, and during the wedding, it won’t feel awkward. If this is not possible, try to do as little as a skype call. There you can introduce to each other and have a quick chat about the event. Make sure you’re on the same page.

Downsides of candid wedding photography

A great number of benefits are attributed to the candid wedding photography and couples seem to adore them. But, as always, there is the other side of the coin. Although there are few cons, for some people they may seem prevailing.

In candid wedding photography, there is an absence of prearranged compositions. There is no modeling style posing. Just the opposite of traditional wedding photography. When capturing a candid photo, you do not have the plan or the instruction manual. The shots will be raw and simple. Scenes are shown in the same way as all the guests used to perceive them. If you have been practicing that perfect, photogenic pose, you may consider a more traditional approach to shooting.

Here’s one very simple trick to check if candid wedding photography is for you. Take a peek to any photo album of the event you have been to. You can also check your social media, especially within the “tagged” section. And now pay attention to the spontaneous photos.

Check out the ones that are not posed, but shot in the moment of happiness, joy, or some fun activity. Are you happy with them? Do you like the message they send? If the answer is positive, we have a perfect match. Candid wedding photography may be for you. Otherwise, you can check some of the other wedding photography styles. There are plenty, and you will find your best fit.

What if candid shots are not your perfect match?

Now you learned what candid wedding photography is about and you are sure this is not the option you would take. There is a great possibility you could find your match on the opposite side. And that is traditional wedding photography.

Traditional wedding photography is a safe zone. You may be a rookie when in front of the camera, or you may be a photo model. Either wise, you will get a great looking result. Photographer will be there all the time to guide you, you will get instant feedback. With a treatment like this, there won’t be any odd-looking poses or expressions. You will get all the necessary shots, and everything will be by the book.

But, if you’re feeling even more adventurous, there is a match for you, too. What about the dramatic, or drone wedding photography? Take a look at the options, yet the amazing results may yield.

Still not sure what to do? Fell free to give us a call. Our consultants will be glad to help you find the best match for your special day. With a great base of professional photographers, we can transform all your wishes into reality.

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