When To Send Save The Dates Out

Save the date cards are a great idea if you are the kind of person who likes to be organized and have everything planned well a head of time. In fact, when it comes to wedding planning, this is a good thing because you will have so much to do. So the sooner you accomplish your wedding preparation to-do list, then the less stress you’ll feel on your big day.

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In addition, sending save the date invitations will help you feel at ease knowing that you’ve already made known who you want to attend your wedding day. Although the RSVP invitations is the more official wedding invitation, save the dates can certainly help you have a vision of your guest list. Therefore, you will have ample time to take into account who’s invited, who isn’t, and if there’ll be room for any plus ones.

How Far Ahead Should You Send Your Save the Dates

Probably the best thing about wedding save the date invitations is that they will give your guests a heads up about your wedding date. So if your invitees receive your save the date, then they will have enough time to ensure that they can attend by getting time of from work or school.

The question that most couples wonder, though, is how far ahead should they send save the dates. To answer this question in realistic terms, it is all up to you. But the general rule is six months before your actual wedding date. However, if you’re planning a destination wedding, then this invitation should be sent eight months. And if you’re having a local wedding, then the shortest you can send out your save the dates is four months.

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  • Take into account your guests outside of your area or country

One thing that you should remember is that the exact date of when you should send out your save the date invitations should be a personalized according to where most of your wedding guests are living.

You need to consider your family members and other loved ones who live far away so that they can make the necessary travel arrangements. These are things such as book hotel rooms, organize childcare if they have children too young to travel, and go to travel plan registry information centers to beat the crowd. They may even turn your wedding event into a holiday weekend if they receive plenty of time to plan.

  • Don’t forget to mention the wedding venue

Although your RSVP cards is the formal invitation to your wedding and will contain the main information about your wedding event, you can still add important details you want your guests to know on your save the dates.

This is something you can especially do if you’re going to have electronic save the dates over posted ones. This is because it can require less work preparing them online since there are many wedding websites out there with tools that can help you make with these invitations.

  • Decide if your save the dates will be DIY or done by a professional

Thanks to the availability of technology, it can be easy to create your own wedding invite cards. You can browse many templates, experiment with a variety of already-made designs, and some online platforms even have DIY manuals on everything you need to know about save the dates or RSVP cards.

So, although a small decision, you should determine early if you want to try your luck in designing your own nuptials themes or have an expert do it for you. That way, you can better decide when to send out your save the dates.

The latter option will, of course, takes one responsibility away from your big list of planning process, thus allowing you to have more time on other just as important duties like picking out your wedding dress. But whatever option you choose, make sure you incorporate some of your engagement photos in the design so that you can add some extra excitement for your guests when they see their invitation.

When To Send Save The Dates Out

Details to Put on Your Save the Date Cards

As mentioned, you definitely want to include the wedding location on save the date cards since this plays a role on when you should send out these invitations. What other information you can include depends on how big the card will be to fit other texts and what designs you want to add to it. But here are some ideas to help you get started and know at least the essential details.

Wedding Couple Names

For obvious reasons, the first thing that your guests should see is yours and your fiance’s names. After all, this is your wedding, so you should be the first thing that come to people’s minds when they see your invitation.

Wedding Date

Even if you haven’t finalized your wedding date yet, you should still have the approximate date on save the date cards. You can even just mention the week of the month if that’s all the information you have. But it is important that this detail is clear so that your guests can at least mark their calendars to avoid scheduling collisions.

Wedding Location

Unless you are sure and the venue has been paid and booked, you shouldn’t mention the exact venue yet. However, you can mention other details such as where your wedding will be held, i.e. the city or town. That way, you’re giving your guests a general idea of how far they will have to travel and make the plans needed based on the distance.

Don’t forget to let your invitees know that RSVPs will follow

At the bottom of your save the date cards, don’t forget to add a short sentence letting your guests know of another and more formal invitation that will come in the future. RSVP invitations will include all the major details that are missing from the save the dates, such as the exact wedding venue and the time of the wedding ceremony and reception. So make them be aware of more information to come as the wedding date draws closer.

At the end of the day

Your wedding party will become more of a joy and memorable moment if all of your loved ones are there. Save the date cards, along with RSVP invitations, will certainly help you achieve that end. Just remember to jot down crucial information so that your guests can know all that they need to make it to your special day.

When To Send Save The Dates Out
When To Send Save The Dates Out
When To Send Save The Dates Out 006
When To Send Save The Dates Out