5 Reasons to Have a January Wedding

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Weddings are always fun and exciting events. But, one of the not-so-fun parts about weddings, though, is deciding when the special date should be.

The reason why deciding the special date is so important and sometimes stressful is because this will be the date that couples will remember forever. Not only that, but wedding guests will also remember this day. So, a lot of consideration should go towards picking the date of when you should get married on. In the hopes to help you with this ever tough decision, here is an article about the benefits of a January wedding.

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In the USA, the winter season falls in late December through to late March. As you probably already know, this time period is filled with many celebrations as December marks the end of a year and January marks the beginning of one. You might think that you should avoid having more celebrations on a holiday season. But, given the right preparations and circumstances, having your wedding date in January can provide benefits that people may not know about.

So, in order to enlighten you on the secrets of a January wedding, we have created a list of 5 reasons below why having your wedding on this month can be just as beneficial as any other month. In addition, these reasons that we have listed can also serve as winter wedding ideas to help you know what you can do on your special day or how to get started on your wedding planner.


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1. No need to worry about the weather conditions

One of the common reasons why couples would choose summer as their ideal wedding season is because of the sun. During summer, the temperature tends to be warm if not hot and the sky is typically clear or cloud-free with a beautiful blue color. This means that many weddings can take place outdoors as well as indoors, such as in an extravagant backyard of a historic mansion or by the peaceful beach-front hotel. Because of this potential to have a wedding either outdoors or indoors, summer can pose countless wedding ideas. As a result, many couples can get confused or stuck on which idea to go with. In fact, there are even couples who purposely find ways to pick a time that provides fewer options just to make this decision easier on themselves. On the other hand, with a winter wedding, there aren’t as many options to go with. So, if you want to be a little less stressed during your wedding planning, then a winter wedding is the go-to choice. With a winter or January wedding, you won’t need to decide if you want an outdoor wedding or an indoor one because you can automatically cancel out the outdoor option due to the winter weather. Of course, you can still choose to have your wedding outside in the snow, but most couples would prefer to be indoors during this cold season. And, if you did choose to have your winter wedding outdoors, then you might end up having to go through more effort in your wedding plans to figure out how to keep all your guests warm enough throughout the event. Moreover, snowstorms are common during this season too.

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2. No need to worry about venues (and vendors) being fully booked

This is probably the greatest factor in winter weddings. Because they are not as popular, especially compared to other seasons, many of the wedding venues or locations at this time of year will have free slots to host your big day. Even some of the very popular places may have an open spot for you, which is great if you are looking to book your favorite venue. Wedding vendors are also a big thing when it comes to planning your wedding. If they are popular or if they tend to be booked out during summer, then they will most likely be free during winter as well. As opposed to the more choices there is in summer for an outdoor and indoor wedding, there are more venue and vendor options in winter. So, unless you get in early with your summer bookings, winter or January weddings are great for last-minute or not-to-early bookings.

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3. You will get cheaper booking rates

Because winter weddings are not as common as the other seasons, the rates of booking a wedding venue or to hire wedding vendors will be cheaper. So, not only will you get a higher chance of having a successful booking but you will also get lower rates. Being able to save on your overall wedding budget is always a bonus to consider. In addition, venues and vendors will be more willing to work with you as they will have more time and space available to focus on your needs. Despite the great popularity of summer and other seasons compared to winter, there really are some nice aspects of this cold season that make up the difference. One thing to also note about January weddings is that some airfares might be cheaper than other months. Due to winter weddings being the least popular of all the seasons and compared to other peak seasons like summer and fall, you might be able to enjoy the company of more family members and friends at your January wedding, thanks to affordable flights.

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4. You can embrace the holiday celebrations

Besides weddings, another exciting event that gathers just as many family members and friends is Christmas. If your family means the world to you and you cannot go without them on your wedding day, then having your wedding during winter is certainly an amazing opportunity. This is because, while your family and even friends are already gathered together from last Christmas, it would be convenient for them to also attend your wedding as they are already there with you. Of course, this is the same for new years too. Most people stay all the way through new year’s eve from Christmas, so you can guarantee your guest list to be all present at your January wedding. Plus, what better time of the year to get married than new years? Not only will you start the year off fresh and anew, but you will also begin your new life with the person you love the most in the world as a newlywed couple. Another thing about having your wedding during this holiday season is that Christmas decorations are still floating around in most wedding venues. This pretty much means that your decorations for a color palette, for example, is already half done. Therefore, if you already like the colors of Christmas and want an even cheaper deal, then you might be able to save more on the decorations aspect.

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5. You can enjoy the winter snow

Although winter weddings or getting married in January may not be the dream come true for many couples, for others, they are totally fine being wed amidst the gorgeous white snow that winter always brings. If you are a winter fan and want to get married in a snowy environment, then January is a good choice for your winter wonderland dream. The winter white snow has always been connected with fairytale weddings and not to mention the perfect match that a white wedding dress looks in this season. And because more venues are open up during the winter months, you can rent out your favorite castle wedding venue to finally achieve your childhood dream of getting married in a castle with your handsome prince. This is perhaps the most unique benefit that a winter wedding can bring, so this is surely one blessing of winter to consider. Furthermore, there is something priceless and even classy about having a snowy backdrop for your photography sessions. If you want to get the most out of your wedding photo album, then you definitely want to plan a photoshoot with the sparkling white snowflakes in the background. Snow is literally everywhere in winter, so you can also go anywhere for your shoot, whether it be a local park or a grand resort if you have the budget and want to splurge a little.

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January weddings or winter weddings may not be as popular as summer weddings or even autumn weddings. But, this does not mean that you shouldn’t or can’t have your wedding ceremony in these winter months. With the right setting and planning, you can still have the best wedding party ever. All you need to do is know what you want and work with what you have got. That way, your overall focus is not so much on the date itself, but on the special day with your future spouse and loved ones.

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