When to Take Engagement Photos and How to Prepare

By Eivan’s Photo & Video Editors

Deciding on when to take and what the best time of day for engagement photos can play a vital role in how your photos will turn out.
Knowing when to take engagement photos and how to prepare for them can make all the difference in creating life-lasting memories with your partner.

What Makes the Best Moment to Take Engagement Photos?

First and foremost, what will make the best moment to take engagement photos is the agreement that you and your partner want to have an engagement photoshoot.

Without this desire, your engagement photos really won’t mean much to you. After all, it’s the meaning that counts, right?

To have an engagement shoot, of course, is not necessary. Hiring a professional photographer is also not compulsory.

However, if you want to have photographic memories of that exceptional event, it does help to set aside a shooting session.

If you or your partner seems to be stuck on deciding whether an engagement photoshoot is for you, then take a look some of our advice:

You’ll Have:

  • Permanent, tangible memories – Your engagement photos can serve you in many, many ways. The main being a souvenir of that particular day, of which you can create a separate album to look back with your spouse on that treasured momentous event.

  • Perfectly captured moments – It’s not every day that you or your partner gets on their knees to propose. That surprised and overwhelming feeling for both individuals certainly deserves to be captured for remembrance. Nor is it common to set aside a full day of feeling loved by your partner, at least not in this way, so first-time moments deserve to be collected.

  • High resolution photos – Not only will your engagement photos remind you of that particular day, but having them taken by a professional photographer will guarantee you high-quality images. Then, when you have children someday, they will be shocked at how beautiful or handsome you guys look. As a bonus, you could even use these high-quality photos for your wedding invitation cards or to post on your social media profiles as an announcement of your recent change in marital status.

Don’t Miss out:

  • On a budget – One of the most common, if not the main reason why couples would not want to have an engagement shoot, is that they’re on a tight budget. Most of their expenses may be reserved for their wedding, so having an engagement shoot and a wedding shoot, might be too much for them to handle financially. Eivan’s offer an affordable engagement photos, ask a wedding consultant how you can add an engagement shoot to any of our packages.

  • For personal experience, only – Another common reason why couples might not want an engagement shoot is that they want to experience these moments personally and alone with their partner. To them, what makes these moments unique is that they are kept in their memories. This idea sometimes makes them feel a stronger bond with each other as the captured photos are taken mentally and for their eyes only.

  • Too much stress – The last common con we’ll mention is that for some couples, the fear that can come from planning the shoot or searching for a professional photographer can be a bit too much for them to think about on top of their wedding plans. Sometimes, it is tempting just to take your engagement pictures from your phone or to have nothing planned and just play things by ear. We make it simple, by allowing you to request the same photographer for your wedding shoot your engagement session.

Some more tips aren’t included in this list; some may be of personal opinions or reasons in nature. But, the point is talking with your partner about what you both want out of this eventful day. Regardless of money or the time issue, what matters most is that you and your loved one make a decision that will bring you both joy on this once in a lifetime occasion.

couple pose during engagement session

How Far Ahead Should Engagement Photos Be Taken?

This article acts as your guide and lists things you need to cover or consider to make the day run smoothly and according to plans.

The Right Time

The beauty of making plans for your engagement day is the engagement plans will act as a practice planning session for the wedding plans.

The wedding is just as important and usually requires more preparation so that it can get even busier during these times.

As a result, it can be easy to get anxious about your wedding, so having this practice opportunity will significantly make you feel at ease.

You don’t want to get your engagement photos over and done with quickly, so this will give you about a month or two to enjoy your special engagement moment before having to switch to wedding mode.

Additionally, this time frame is perfect because the gap leaves you with enough time to still feel the excitement of being engaged while heading into your wedding plans.

Due to wedding plans taking up a lot of time, you will be glad that you hired a professional photographer to process your engagement photos for you, which means that you won’t have to worry about them in the meantime while proceeding with your wedding preparations.

Your family and friends will also appreciate celebrating your engagement photos before the wedding vibe comes along and takes over.

The Right Photographer

As mentioned above, hiring a professional photographer to take your photos on your engagement day can genuinely offer a wide range of benefits.

One very significant advantage is that if you like what your hired photographer has done with your engagement photos, then you already have your wedding photographer right in front of you.

If you’ve already built a relationship with your engagement photographer, you will not need to search for another one to take your wedding photos.

It will also be easier to involve them in your wedding plans as you’ve already worked together and know what each other is like.

What you do need to be aware of is saving the date for your wedding. It’s another separate timeline as with your engagement plans, so you should consider planning the date as far in advance as possible.

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When is the Best Time to Have an Engagement Shoot?

Although there are four known seasons, not all of them have recognizable weather, depending on which part of the world you are in.

So, when deciding when do you take engagement photos, make sure to take into account the weather conditions in your area or location.

Depending on where you’re located, you can experience all four seasons distinctively.


Spring is typically the time of year where the snow starts to melt as summer draws near.

Because it’s the transitional weather from winter to summer, the temperature in this

season begins at a cool level. It gradually becomes warmer, although it doesn’t necessarily get cold or hot as opposed to winter and summer temperatures.

If you love the idea of what spring represents or any of those representations match your personality, then this is the perfect time for you to have your engagement shoot.

Spring can also mean a fresh start, and with your wedding as the next stage in your lives, then there’s no better way to start your love life with spring engagement photos.


Summer is the season that most couples have their wedding day. The hot weather can be more comforting to most than the cold, especially when you’re thinking about the revealing or thin wedding gown you or your partner have to wear on that day.

Furthermore, it is also reassuring that summer is least likely to bring a rainy day, which can be very unfortunate if you have your wedding outside.

Generally, the days in summer are much longer than in other seasons. This change in days makes summer the season of freedom.

If you’re the outdoors type, then you would enjoy having your engagement photos taken during this season, as you will have more daylight to work with.


Most engagement photos are taken during this season because many professional photographers are available for hire after having finished their summer wedding shoots.

This is also the most popular season to have engagement photos taken, thanks to the mesmerizing red, yellow, brown, and orange leaves trees to produce from what the seasonal weather brings.

The season of autumn represents mother nature as this is the time of year that trees shed their leaves due to the temperatures grow colder and colder.

Therefore, you should consider having your engagement shoot either at the beginning of the season or in the middle if you want to avoid those unexpected rainfalls.

As autumn leads into winter, the temperature begins to lower. If you’re a fan of the cold weather, then autumn is the perfect season for your engagement photos.

This is also the time when the snow starts to appear as it comes to a close. So, if you want to make the most of the beautiful colored leaves while having a hint of snow, then this is the season for you.


Winter is the coldest season out of the four. It’s the season that comes after the trees have lost their leaves and the season before all these trees grow back their leaves.

It is typically the time of the year when the snow weather takes over.

If you want to fill your engagement photos with warm, fuzzy feeling vibes such as drinking hot coco’s and covered in wool blankets with your partner or having a friendly fireplace theme, then this is the perfect season for your shoot.

Moreover, many couples love the idea of having white winter snow as their background for their engagement photos.

The winter season can represent change because of the very significant change in temperature and weather.

The prominent white snow in some areas of the globe has also led the season to mean purity, as that is what white represents.

Also, the cold temperature brings people closer to warmth or the fire, so it can express passion as well, perfect for couples who have had their relationship built on a passionate note.

The Best Time

Each of the four seasons certainly offers various benefits that can lead you to decide when do you take engagement pictures.

All of them have attractive features that can make your engagement photos look amazing.

Despite their advantages, what nails your engagement shoot is choosing the season that represents the relationship you and your partner have.

After choosing the season, the next important step is deciding the time of day and the day of the week.

Obviously, this will highly depend on the availability of the professional photographer and the weather.

So, make sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast and to continually communicate with your hired photographer when making plans or suggestions.

engaged couple wearing green pose for a photoshoot
engaged female smiling in her green sweater

What to Do to Prepare for an Engagement Shoot

Along with planning when to have your engagement shoot, you will also need to know how to prepare for engagement photos.

Both your engagement and the shoot will no doubt make you and your partner very nervous, even anxious.

Therefore, you want to be ready so that you don’t miss out on anything important and to avoid any stress.

Practice Makes Perfect

This principle of practice makes perfect is very, very real. The more you do something, not only will you get better at it, but you will also become more comfortable doing it.

If you or your partner has a shy personality, one of the best ways to prepare is to practice being in front of the camera ahead of time.

If the camera is not the issue, then here is a list of things that you can practice before the day of your shoot:

  • Poses – If you’ve ever had any kind of photoshoot before, then you understand that it can sometimes get awkward or uncomfortable.

On the day of your photoshoot, you might have to perform the same pose multiple times so the photographer can cover every angle of the shot.

If you’re wondering why this is the case, it is a measure that professional photographers go through so that you can have plenty of options of choosing which photos you’d like to add to your engagement photo album.

So, to help you prepare for those moments, practicing these poses in advance with your partner or in front of a mirror can make a difference for when the moment arrives.

  • Outfits – This factor might be the one that you’ll most likely struggle with. When it comes to the engagement session, you’ll probably spend half of your time thinking about what outfit you and your partner should have for your engagement photos.

The most important thing to consider when planning your outfits is if what you and your partner wear will be fitting for the weather conditions.

You don’t want to shiver for that one-hour-long photoshoot session. Although you might look amazing in the dress or suit, your misery from the cold temperature will undoubtedly show in the photographs, and that’s something you wouldn’t want to remember.

If you are torn between outfits is that you could always bring them to the set. Most, if not all, professional photographers are hired by the hour, so carrying a bag full of clothes will save you time and will be convenient if you do decide to have a last-minute change.

  • Research – If you find it challenging to come up with ideas of what kind of photos to have for your engagement shoot, then researching online is a great place to start. You will find that there are countless ideas you can borrow from many engaged couples.

If you’re worried about having a lack of uniqueness in your photos from borrowing other people’s ideas, then you could always change a few things to suit your interest.

For example, if you and your partner are passionate about dogs and you found a great photo online, you can easily mix up the poses or the scenery.

The thing about researching online for ideas is that it is just a catalyst to help you get thinking for yourselves.

Another critical factor about research is the necessity of finding the perfect photographer.

Many will sound good, but what makes the ideal photographer is the one that connects with you and your partner.

You’ll need to work with them throughout the whole engagement process, so you want someone whom you can get along with.

You shouldn’t settle for someone just because they sound good or have been recommended by a friend.

The last thing you want is regrets later on or when it’s too late to change the photographer.

These tips on how you can prepare for your engagement shoot will undoubtedly help you feel a little more at ease when the day finally arrives.

But, you can never feel fully prepared, so one thing that you can do for each other during the photo-taking is to keep the mood light.

Whether it takes saying a little joke halfway through the shot or just having a short conversation during the transitions, whatever it is you choose to do, brighten each other’s day to help you get through the shoot joyfully.

man in blue long sleeve shirt holding brown textile

Things to Do at the Engagement Photography Session

Now that you have your engagement event planned and prepared, you might be wondering what to do next or if there are more preparations needed.

The only thing left now is to rock up at the engagement photo scene and make sure that your hired photographer shows up too.

Make sure you arrive early

This principle is more of a precaution. Typically, when you start your day off well, then the rest of the day will usually feel smoother.

So, it would be wise to arrive at your chosen destination at least 30 minutes early before the set time. If you have things to set up, you should consider arriving even earlier, depending on how much there is to set up.

If you have a good photographer, he would also be at the scene early. A mark of a good photographer is that they scout their locations in advance to gain a better idea of the landmarks or surrounding area.

This approach can help them make plans on what angles or perspectives would make a good photo.

Constantly check the weather

Even if you know your area well or if you’ve been to the place you’ve chosen as the back of your head, you should still be cautious of the weather conditions.

As the date of your engagement shoot draws near, just remember to have a quick look at the weather forecast as the weather can be unexpected at times.

 At least this way, you can make needed adjustments before it becomes too late.

Keep in contact with your photographer

Just like communication is a key to success and happiness in your relationship, it is the same towards your hired professional photographer.

You should think of your photographer as your friend because they will be the ones who will work with your schedule and your desires.

If you fail to communicate well with your photographer, it will be easier to have misunderstandings or mistakes, which you will most likely suffer for.

This is where having the perfect photographer comes in because another mark of a good photographer is that they will usually take the initiative to contact you and find out everything about your engagement photo needs.

However, their job can be much easier if you keep in constant contact with them throughout the process and keep them up-to-date on anything new.

Save the best for last

On the day of your photoshoot, depending on what you have planned or how many places you want to take photos at, you should have a schedule or at least a layout of what you will do or where you will go.

Organize this plan in advance to make it easier for everyone to move through the session smoothly and comfortably.

Besides, you can make the most out of certain times of the day, such as the sunrise early in the morning, the cool breeze in the evening, or whatever kind of background scene you have planned to have.

By saving the best to last, whether they are poses, outfits, or scenes, means that you and your partner have already gotten yourselves into the groove of things.

The beauty of photography is that they can capture emotions and feelings, so the more you get into character, the better the shots will turn out.

man in black button up shirt beside woman in white and black striped shirt

Last Minute Advice on Preparing for Your Engagement Photos

By the time you’ve reached near the end of this article, you should be well informed of the things that you need to know regarding when you should have your engagement photo shoot and how to prepare as best as you can for that day.

In this portion, we will share with you a few extra tricks of the trade advice that has helped many couples feel more confident when making decisions for themselves.

Sure, it contributes significantly to learn and hear the insights of a professional photographer or even a friend who has had their own engagement photoshoot experience.

Don’t be afraid to be yourselves

When you’ve got professional taking pictures of you or when you are in an open or public place, it can sometimes be tempting to fake things to get through the shot.

This is the last thing photographers want because they know too well that being unnatural can show in the photographs.

You and your partner certainly wouldn’t want this to show in your photos as you might have plans to turn them into picture frames.

So, it’s essential to be yourself so that you can look genuine in your unique engagement photos. Furthermore, you will enjoy the shoot more if you act more like you.

Don’t hesitate to say “no.”

During the planning process, you might have to learn to say no to ideas or thoughts that may not represent your personality or the way your relationship is.

It can be easy to follow advice, so you should always think about what’s being put on the table first. That way, you can give yourselves time to ponder if that prop or that outfit will express your true feelings.

Your engagement shoot is all about you, your partner, and your relationship, so you should always make your decisions revolve around this concept.

Even if some may say that your ideas or plans seem boring or dull, at least to you, they’re unique, and that is what truly makes engagement photos unique.

Avoid eye-catchy things

You must choose to be yourself and to express your personality.

So, to avoid regrets, you want to stay away from wearing clothes that are too attention-seeking, such as shirts with lots of writing or pants with big logos, for example.

This also applies to props or other additions. You don’t want your surfboard or prized car to take up half of the picture frame when your engagement photos should be about you and your partner.

If you want to include your interest or likes in your engagement photo album, you can separate your session with photos of you and your partner and have another section for the other images.

This way, you can get all that you want while not taking away your precious and loving moment with your fiancé.

Look for samples

The final advice we want to share is one that is vital in helping you find the perfect photographer.

There are now countless professional photographers and freelance photographers available for hire both online and locally.

Photography has increasingly become popular in today’s society, especially for engagements and weddings.

It is not surprising anymore to know many friends or family members who have a passion for photography, and it’s lovely to use them if you feel confident enough or want to support their business.

However, it would be best if you considered asking for samples of pictures they’ve taken. This will allow you to see their skills and have an understanding of their level of experience.

You don’t want to have low-quality photo turnouts for a particular day like an engagement just because you want to help out a friend.

In the end, it always pays and is worth the investment to hire a known or reputable professional photographer to avoid disappointments.

two engaged couple looking at each other in front of a lake


In this article, you’ve been given a guide to know when to take engagement photos and how to prepare for them.

As you consider these essential factors mentioned as well as all the simple advice given, you will have a higher chance of success in creating and accomplishing your engagement plans.

Remember, at the end of the day, regardless of how well or how much of your plans happened, what matters most is that you’re engaged to the love of your life and that you will spend the rest of your treasured life with them. After all, this is what a “happily ever after” is all about.