Engagement ring vs. Wedding ring – Are they different?

Exchanging rings have been a symbol of love and marriage dating back to ancient times. And it is one practice that the modern culture has not done away with. However, there are a lot of discussions about engagement rings vs. wedding rings.

What is the difference between these two rings? Is it a must you wear a wedding band on your wedding day? What if you want to wear both? Do they have the same meaning, and can they be worn together?

There is a lot of traditions mixed with modern choices for both engagement rings and wedding rings. However, what you choose for your wedding should be based on what feels suitable for both of you.

Let’s look at some questions about these two rings and get to learn something new.

By Eivan’s Team

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What is the difference between Engagement rings and wedding rings?

An engagement ring is given upon the marriage proposal, or immediately the couple decides to get engaged. This ring commonly features one dominant set of stone set in any wedding band style. Modern culture has extended this into cluster rings or three-stone rings, or even bands considered more of a wedding ring style.

A wedding ring or wedding band is exchanged at the wedding ceremony. It is the official symbol of the union of two people coming together in a marriage ceremony. Traditionally, both ring sets are worn together as they are often designed as a bridal set or soldered together by a jeweler to become one.

Wedding bands are simpler than engagement and usually have no large stones or a center stone gemstone. These rings can be a simple plain metal or plain band of metals or go all out with intricate metal details like pave diamonds, milgrain or a small diamond ring. The total carat weight is likely to be far lesser in wedding rings than in engagement rings.

Engagement rings and wedding rings are indeed different in several ways, reflecting the distinct stages and symbolism of a couple’s journey. The engagement ring often features a prominent center stone, such as a dazzling diamond, and serves as a symbol of a couple’s commitment and intention to marry. It is typically worn on the left hand’s ring finger and is a personalized choice that may include various gemstones, ring styles, and precious metals like white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. On the other hand, the wedding band, also known as a wedding ring, is traditionally exchanged during the wedding ceremony and symbolizes the eternal love and commitment shared by the couple. Wedding bands can range from classic metal bands to intricate designs with pavé or eternity bands, often worn alongside the engagement ring on the left-hand ring finger. Couples have the flexibility to choose matching wedding bands or opt for individual styles that resonate with their personal preferences, making the process of selecting the perfect rings an eye-catching and meaningful part of special occasions like the wedding day. Whether it’s exploring different ring styles, consulting with a trusted jeweler, or considering the significance of precious stones and metals, the journey of ring shopping showcases the enduring symbolism and beauty associated with these cherished pieces of jewelry.

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How to wear your engagement and wedding rings

In most cultures, both the engagement ring and wedding ring are worn together on the ring finger. It is the fourth finger on the left hand, right next to your pinky. The wedding ring is placed on the finger first, followed by your engagement ring on the outside.

Exchanging ring is a symbol of love, and it’s believed to have originated from Egypt. They believed the fourth finger on your left hand directly runs to the heart, strengthening the pledge of love and commitment.

Romans later adopted this tradition and spread the practice throughout Europe and later the U.S. There is no such vein in a real sense, but the symbolism remains strong throughout all these years.

With most people preferring to wear these two rings together, bridal sets are specifically designed to match and wear well together, becoming a popular choice. Proper matched bridal sets ensure that the rings sit nicely on your finger next to one another without rubbing or even scratching each other.

Some couples choose to soldier their two rings together to prevent movement and twisting around the finger, causing the rings to misalign. Though there are no rules to be followed, it is essential that you love your rings and how you wear them.

Some couples also choose to wear their wedding band on their left-hand ring finger and their engagement on the right hand. And, sometimes wearing the wedding ring daily as an eternity band and the engagement ring only on special occasions like anniversaries. After all, how you wear these wedding ring sets is okay according to your personal preferences.

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Choosing your wedding bands

It is vital to choose your wedding rings early into your wedding planning, at least three or so months before the wedding. This helps solve any issues that come with wedding details well in advance.

More couples love to pick and design their engagement ring together. This scenario was typically reserved for wedding bands only but not anymore.

Couples have lots of options when it comes to their wedding rings. You can choose matching wedding bands, regardless of the engagement ring style. Others prefer to go with their taste; for example, the men’s wedding band could be white gold, and the ladies ‘ be yellow gold. Respecting personal preference is vital to make your wedding bands unique and personal.

Whatever you decide to do, know that there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to your choice, design and wearing your engagement and wedding rings. The sky is the limit when it comes to working with a skilled wedding jeweler and artisan to help guarantee a worthwhile investment of your ring sets.

Above it all, ensure that you pick ring sets that stand out as a symbol of love to give your union a life meaning.


There are no set rules when buying an engagement ring or a wedding band. Whether you buy a diamond engagement ring or go for an alternative style, it’s entirely up to you as a couple. Feel free to express yourselves in your wedding bands as best as you can.

These days there are many options to choose from – stone styles, cuts, colors, gemstones like sapphire, emerald, ruby, aquamarine, and topaz are some popular choices.

If you prefer simple designs, you can shop around for more styles of your preference. They may not be among the popular ones, but they carry your personal preference. For instance, a jewelry store can craft a matching set of romantic bands that can be worn as engagement rings and wedding rings. They can come with the unique finishes of smaller stones or smaller diamonds as the main difference.

Or you may choose to go with eternity bands that come as matching wedding rings. They have the same size of diamond running along the entire ring as a symbol of eternal love.

Overall, choose a ring that holds meaning to both of you and let it be a natural symbolism of your love and commitment to one another.

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