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The reason why so many brides to choose Eivan’s Photo, Inc. for their ideal Minneapolis wedding photographer is that they know we make planning out your day straightforward. We provide many ways to find inspiration, locate the perfect professional photographer, and show you past weddings conducted in your community.

For more than 25 years, we continue providing the perfect pairing process for more area weddings. Even when you currently remain in the planning stages of your occasion, our team is always here for you.

Planning a wedding ceremony here in Minneapolis is no simple task. Do you foresee a spring wedding outdoors among the Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens or an elegant, timeless ceremony at the Gale Mansion?

When you have numerous choices at each step of your wedding day planning, it can get to be too much at once. Even with a dedicated wedding planner and an attentive maid of honor, you may just have too many decisions to make at once.

Start with our online style quiz to discover which techniques and methods of photography will achieve the results you dream of seeing. Once you know which direction your photos should take, we’ll even book an in-person or over-the-phone consultation with a talented local wedding photojournalist.

You can also look through our image galleries to see other happy couples that we have already assisted, as well as venues throughout the area. All you need to do is imagine yourself there and know whether or not it’s the ceremony for you.

We continue providing the broadest pool of local talent with the perfect pairing process for any bride. No matter the season or the venue location, we guarantee lasting memories you’ll love revisiting.

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