Lakefront Trail Engagement Photos


Romantic Lakefront Trail Engagement Photos

You’ve found your forever Valentine! That’s both incredible and exciting. Congratulations!

The next chapter of your life is about to happen. And it’s going to be completely different than the previous one. You may even feel a little bit scared, but you should know that it’s all positive fear. Before jumping on that crazy ride called marriage and planning your wedding day, there’s one more thing.

You should celebrate your engagement with an engagement photo session. Celebrating special occasions in life is mandatory if you want to have a happy life. This may sound a bit ridiculous, but it’s true. You are celebrating life itself when celebrating even the little things in life. And the life-changing ones. You are showing that you are grateful for everything that has come your way in life.

Celebrating your engagement is nothing less. And it should be done because you are celebrating love. But you are also celebrating friendship with your partner, your bond, and your future. A bright, new future.

You are also making new memories and making them eternal. A good engagement shoot with a great wedding photographer will end up in incredible photos. And a good shoot is the one that captured the essence of you and your partner.

Because of that, it’s essential to find the best location possible.

Finding the Perfect Location is NOT Easy

Luckily for you, we think we’ve already found the one!

If you ask anyone from Chicago what’s their favorite place in the city, we can bet that most of them will say – the Lakefront Trail. And if you are one of them, then your Chicago engagement photos need to be taken here.

All Chicago‘s beauty is here, alongside the paved pathway that follows the magnificent Lake Michigan. The Lakefront Trail is much more than just a pathway. Once you come here, you will see that this place is made for engagement shoots. It has everything that you need to enjoy and have a beautiful day with your loved one. And to take photos along the way.

Photographs are always better if there is a lake or the ocean. And luckily, the radiant Lake Michigan is there to make every photo perfect. What makes this location different from the rest engagement shoot locations is the perfect view. From here, you can see the best downtown Chicago skylines with the iconic Ferris wheel on Navy Pier.

The lakeshore is always busy and has a specific happy vibe. There are a lot of people that used this location for their surprise proposals.

And it’s because if you ever come here stressed out or anxious, you will instantly feel better and relaxed.

Depending on your preferences and your aesthetics, you can choose to have your photos taken on the pathway or the beach. If you are a romantic soul, you can stroll down the gardens and enjoy the nature. And if you are more into urban things, you can pose in front of the incredible skyline with typical Chicago architecture.

The Lakefront Trail is a combination of many different things that go great together. And depending on your mood, you can choose to have your pictures taken in just one spot or many others. There’s also the playful scenery of Lincoln Park Zoo. Or the impressive-looking nautical Belmont Harbor.

It will be hard to find your favorite spots, that’s for sure. But it’s always better to have a variety of surroundings and backdrops, then just one.

We must admit that we are entirely in love with this place when it comes to Chicago engagement sessions and engagement photo locations. And most of Chicago wedding photographers will agree with us. But also happily engaged couples.

Ideas for the Photo Shoot

There’s no need to convince you more about the engagement session location. But now that you’ve probably made up your mind, you need some ideas for your engagement pictures.

When a place has such potential as Lakefront Trail has, you can easily get overwhelmed. You don’t know where to go first, what to do, and how to act. Everyone that has experience with wedding photography can give you tips. And our first tip is to relax.

The next tip is to come prepared for your engagement session. Before coming to the location, you should know what you want your photos to look like.

If you are a beach lover, you can have excellent beach engagement photos. And the best ones are made of course, during the summer. To spice up your beach engagement session, you can bring a cute blanket, a bottle of wine, and two glasses. Simplicity is always the key, and in this case, it gives everything a romantic vibe.

Another way to enrich your session is to prepare at least two outfits. This way, if you decide to take photos in a few spots at Lakefront Trail, it will look like the photos were not taken in one day. This is great if you plan to frame the photos, and also use them for social media. You will have different photos to post every day, and people won’t be bored with them.

When it comes to outfits, always choose something that you feel comfortable in. But also something that will stand out in the photos. There’s nothing worse than a bland outfit that will make you look like you were just passing by. There’s a minimal effort needed to look spectacular in photos. Just a pop of color or an exciting accessory will do the job.

You only need to pick a date for your session with a perfect location for your engagement photography adventure. And our suggestion is to book a session early in the morning to catch the lovely sunrise. Or pick a timing that will allow you to enjoy the romantic sunset. Whichever part of the day you chose, you won’t be wrong. Both sunrise and sunset are gorgeous at this location, and they look even better in the photos.

Contact Info for Lakefront Trail

341 75th St, Willowbrook, IL 60527, United States |  (630) 789-3337