Downtown Chicago Engagement Photos


Classic Downtown Chicago Engagement Photos

Congratulations on your new journey with your loved one. May your love shine brighter with each passing day.

The only thing you should do before your wedding day is an engagement session.

An engagement session should be a relaxed photo shoot of a freshly engaged couple. The point of this shoot should be celebrating love and your future together. It’s a perfect opportunity to create memories that will last for the rest of your lives. Those are the memories that you will be able to show to your family and friends. Memories that you will always be proud of. It’s also useful for practicing a wedding photography session with your wedding photographer.

When it comes to capturing the moment and your flame, a good engagement photographer knows what to do. And here at Eivan’s, only the best photographers are available to make your wishes come true. And they are waiting to witness your passion and to make it eternal. It’s our main mission and goal.

Another important thing that you need to consider when organizing an engagement session is the location. You and your partner are the stars of the shoot. But the location is also essential, and it’s like a cherry on top of everything. A good and exciting site makes everything look better.

Hunting for Chicago engagement session locations can be tiresome. We know that, and that’s why we have an excellent suggestion for you.

If you are planning a Chicago engagement shoot, and a Chicago wedding, we know the best place. And it’s the best place in town that carries the pure Chicago soul.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s Downtown Chicago.

The Perks of a Downtown Chicago Engagement Session

Maybe when you think of Downtown Chicago, you get a bit overwhelmed because of many things that this part of the city has to offer. It’s normal, but we will direct you towards the best looking attractions you can find at this location. If you are looking for a classical Chicago location, then the Downtown is the perfect pick. It’s classical, but not boring. Chicago engagement photography is always fun, and it’s easy to make the best Chicago photos at Downtown.

A good thing about Downtown Chicago is that you can walk around with your photographer and capture moments along the way.

Everything depends on your preferences and how you would like your photos to look.
Chicago is a city with outstanding skyline views that beg to be photographed.

The Perfect Skyline

The most stunning city skyline is situated north of Navy Pier, at Milton Lee Olive Park. The full beauty of this place can be seen early in the morning or in the late afternoon. If you would like to have that as your photo background, you should walk along the Chicago River. Posing near the Wrigley building is always a good idea.

Chicago Bridges

When you think about Chicago, what’s the first image you have in your head? Is it a bridge? Chicago is known for its bridges all around the world. And if you are a Chicago local, they can be ideal scenery for your engagement photos. And when it comes to authentic Chicago scenery, the Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge is a must.

Downtown Chicago Parks

The most famous rooftop garden full of breathtaking greenery is Millennium Park. It’s one of the most popular and most exciting places for couples to take their engagement photos. Here you can only find the Chicago bean that’s famous all around the globe.

You can use the Cloud Gate as a cool photo background and an ideal photo prop. It will make your photos look stunning. We need to mention Lincoln Park, the Nature Boardwalk, and the ‘honeycomb‘ sculpture. They all look fabulously good in engagement photos. The crown jewel of ChicagoLake Michigan is also there alongside with the Lincoln Park Zoo, and its greenery.

Perfect for Art Lovers

If you want to steer away from busy Chicago streets, you can find asylum at the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s an ideal location for every museum and art lover. It’s perfect for couples trying to find a magical place for their engagement session. The north and the south gardens inside the Art Institute of Chicago will leave you in awe.

If you are on a hunt for art pieces, then Chicago Riverwalk should be the place to hit up. It’s crowded with public art that you will love.

Something Different

For a pop of lights in your photos, you need to pose in front of the Chicago Theatre. And yes, it should be done when the night falls. You will feel like you are starring in an old movie.

Golden hour gems

We recommend you to organize your photo session later in the day. This way, you will catch the ‘golden hour’ that will make your photos look magical. And when it comes to places where the golden hour is the best, here are some ideas.

Lakeshore path, Lakefront trail, Michigan avenue, and North Avenue Beach are stunning at sunset. And imagine what the photos would look like.

We’ve given you many great ideas for your Downtown Chicago engagement session. The best thing about all of these is that you don’t need to have permission for shooting.

And now everything else is up to you.

Prepare for the shoot by creating a mood board, and always ask for advice from your photographer. Being prepared will always give better results in the end.

One more thing you should remember – On that day try to relax and wear your best outfit, and a smile. Never forget to wear a smile. If you have a smile on your face, even the weather isn’t significant. You will look stunning even if it’s pouring rain, and it’s freezing cold.

We know that your photos will look amazing. And we wish you all the luck on your wedding day.