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The historic city of Atlanta provides numerous places to host your wedding day ceremony, but which are best for you? A better question is which local Atlanta wedding photographer has the necessary skill to capture your venue, your significant other, and yourself in your best lighting?

From the classic stone walls of Rhodes Hall to the rustic, yet elegant, atmosphere of the Trolley Barn, you have many choices to select. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for decisions to get overwhelming.

For over 25 years, Eivan’s Photo, Inc. continues helping more future brides in locating their ideal professional photographer. Our perfect pairing process is still the best way to know you are getting the right local expert, as well as see Atlanta wedding venues with our previous couples.

We make planning out your special day straightforward with several tools available online. Begin with your photography style quiz to start learning more about what type of professional you need to find and let us set up an in-person or phone consultation with them.

If you still aren’t sure which themes or styles you want present in your ceremony, you can always look through our image galleries and blog posts for more inspiration. You’ll see that our personalized pairing process is the ideal way of joining you with everything you need for simplified wedding planning.

When you begin your account with us, we create a better way to research your options without the distractions of social media. When image boards don’t go far enough, we can show you real brides enjoying their best day.

Let Eivan’s Photo, Inc. act like your friend in the industry today. Create your account now and let us help you in planning your perfect ceremony.

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