Yvonne and Ignacio’s Stunning Costa Mesa, California Wedding Photos

man and woman in a long viel posed outside in the daytime

Yvonne and Ignacio tied the knot on May 4th, 2018 in Costa Mesa, California. The intimate Californian wedding put a smile on the faces of all the guests who gathered to see Yvonne and Ignacio joined in holy matrimony.

Subtle Beauty

For her wedding, Yvonne chose a simple but strikingly beautiful theme that involved a lot of pastel colors. Her lovely bridal bouquet was a combination of white roses, purple flowers, and fresh greens, all wrapped up in a long strand of white lace. 

She wore a strapless white, lace-adorned dress that slightly flared at the bottom. The white open-toed high heels with lace fabric lining completed her astonishing ensemble. She let her vibrant black hair flow down her back in loose curls and held it in place with white clips that paired nicely with her gem-encrusted earrings. 

Ignacio wore a sharp-looking navy blue suit jacket and pants, a classic white dress shirt, and light purple tie. His subtle look aligned perfectly with the color theme. The two bridesmaids wore different styles of dresses, but they both had the same shade of purple and fabric types. 

The groomsmen chose similar outfits to Ignacio, except that they replace the navy blue jacket and pants with a light shade of grey.

A Step Back in Time

Yvonne and Ignacio decided to have their wedding at Turnip Rose – Grand Newport Plaza near Los Angeles, CA, which allowed them access to some of the rustic designs that California is known for. 

The multi-tiered bronze and stone fountain was a particular favorite of theirs. They spent several minutes posing on and in front of the steps leading up to it. With the mix of tropical greenery and beautiful pastel colors of the older architecture, it provided a truly mesmerizing environment. 

The couple also participated in a lot of aerial shots, which are a staple at most weddings for several reasons. The first being that high-angle shots eliminate the possibility of any unflattering shadows being cast on the couple’s faces or unfortunate double chins from popping up. The second reason is that if you are in a venue with a lot of vivid and beautiful design work on the floors, like Yvonne and Ignacio’s location, then an aerial shot is a fantastic way to capture the exquisite architecture while also getting a great view of the newlyweds by the Los Angeles wedding photographer.

Entering the Church

The ceremony occurred within a small church that was filled with vibrantly stained glass windows and white curtains elegantly draping down from the walls. The guests took their seats in the classic wooden pews and waited for the lovely bride to walk through the door. 

Yvonne entered wearing a long veil that softly swept the ground as she elegantly made her way to the altar where she and Ignacio stood and were joined in holy matrimony.

Showing off the Moves

The banquet hall where the reception was held was filled with purple and silver decorations that lit the entire place up in a world of color. 

Yvonne and Ignacio used this opportunity to show off their amazing dance moves as Ignacio twirled, dipped, and lifted Yvonne all over the dancefloor. Afterwards, they raised their glasses of champagne in a toast to their newly acquired relationship status and enjoyed the three-tier multicolor cake of gold, green, and white frosting with purple and white flowers sitting on top of it. 

Yvonne and Ignacio can now treasure the memories of this very special day, thanks to the many great moments of them and their guests captured forever. You can just as easily treasure your big day for eternity by

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