Lauren and Phillip’s Wonderful Wedding Photos at the Villa Siena in Gilbert, Arizona

man in black suit and woman in white wedding dress standing in front of brown wooden

Getting Ready For the Big Day – Villa Siena Gilbert Wedding

Lauren and Phillip celebrated their one-of-a-kind wedding at the beautiful Villa Siena in GilbertArizona, on March 9, 2018. The bride and groom came together on a gorgeous Arizona afternoon and celebrated the whole wedding day late into the evening.

Lauren started her fairytale by finding the perfect accessories. She decided to exchange her traditional wristwatch for a rose gold face and a beige strap for an astounding bracelet. This bracelet went beautifully with Lauren’s gorgeous white wedding dress. Lauren also wore eye-catching diamond earrings, which went extremely well with her entire ensemble.

Lauren’s mother and bridal party helped with the final touches of her outfit, including putting on her jaw-dropping high heel shoes. This was a heart-touching moment that was captured by the Villa Siena wedding photographer.

The Aisle Awaits

As she walked down the aisle to her dream wedding, with her father, Lauren’s face began to look nervous. Thankfully, this quickly changed when she saw Phillip’s confident and smiling face. Phillip looked dashing in his charcoal gray tuxedo and black bow tie. His freshly cut hair was slicked back, and his beard was neatly trimmed. Behind Phillip stood his groomsmen, all of whom looked dapper in their black tuxedos.

The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful; both the bride and groom said vows that touched the hearts of everyone in attendance. Afterwards, Lauren and Phillip lit the unity candle, which was a prime example of one of the top Villa Siena Weddings. After sealing their marriage with a kiss and a signature, Lauren and Phillip were officially together. The best start to the best day.

After the Formalities

Once the ceremony had come to an end, the bride, groom and the bridal party got together and posed for the Phoenix wedding photographer. Lauren looked absolutely breathtaking in her bright white wedding dress. She smiled as she stood alongside her glowing bridesmaids, all of whom were dressed in a beautiful black dress with a single shoulder strap. In their hands they held beautiful bouquets of fresh, white flowers; their petals looked lovely as they contrasted the wedding theme.

Phillip and his groomsmen took part in some Phoenix wedding photography as well. They stood proudly outside of the church, laughing and joking like they were children. Afterward, the bride, groom and the bridal party got together to take a group photo in front of the beautiful venue. Phillip couldn’t resist giving Lauren a kiss for the camera; her long, brown hair flowed as she bent back to embrace him. The bridal party clapped and cheered with excitement in the background.

The Bride and Groom Get Some Time To Themselves

After the excitement died down, Lauren and Phillip got the Phoenix wedding photographer to take some photos of them together. The bride posed angelically in the entrance of a gateway to the banquet hall; her flowing white dress contrasting the dark, metal doors. Phillip stood by her side, smiling as he held onto the heart-shaped handle of the door.

The beautiful bride and handsome groom took some photos while standing under the bride’s veil. The almost fully transparent veil floated around them like a cloud of fog. It was a special moment at their beautiful wedding that will be remembered for years to come.

Wedding Venue in Arizona

Our couples rate Villa Siena as one of the best wedding venues in Gilbert, AZ. The event spaces was held both inside and outside. The bride, groom and guests ate their delicious meals and a piece of cake under the stars, followed by beautiful speeches and toasts. After filling up, everyone made their way inside to continue the festivities. Some more words were said by the glowing bride and her groom. This amazing speech was followed by the wedding reception; a night on the dance floor, laughter, and joy. Phillip removed his tuxedo jacket, opting for his black vest and crisp, white dress shirt. The overall experience was amazing and everyone who was in attendance of their special day could see the joy in their eyes. All that wedding planning paid off and it was a night to remember.

Off to the Honeymoon

Before departing for their honeymoon, Lauren and Phillip walked under a tunnel of dazzling sparklers. These sparklers were held by the bridal party, family, friends, and other guests that were in attendance. Lauren had to gently grasp the end of her flowing dress as she walked through the tunnel. A great way to end the perfect wedding. Check out some of their beautiful wedding photos below.