Isabella and Glenn’s Bay Area Wedding in San Francisco, CA

man in black suit jacket kissing woman in white wedding dress

Our San Francisco Wedding: August 31st, 2019

Ceremony: St. Thomas Aquinas Church

Reception Location: Napredak Hall

Service Type: San Francisco Wedding Photography & Videography

Planning a Bay Area August wedding presents it’s own unique challenges. Between budget and availability, having ample time to plan is key. One thing you can be sure to count on is the beautiful weather. Sunny and 75° is something all couples imagine for their wedding day and Isabel & Glenn were lucky enough to live it.

Our Story & Wedding Plan

Bridesmaids: 3 / Groomsmen: 5 / Guests: 120 / Ceremony Time: 2:00 PM / Reception Time: 4:00 PM

Hosting your dream wedding does not mean you have to spend a fortune. In most cases just saying the word “wedding” increases the cost of rentals by up to 30% or more. With time, resourceful planning and extensive research, Isabel & Glenn found that they did not have to sacrifice beauty for cost. Hosting a wedding in a reception hall, provides a unique opportunity to make it your own. Isabel & Glen knew Eivan’s was the right choice. While many venues provide linen, table decor, and a variety of amenities, working with a hall can provide you the opportunity to make the room your own without breaking the bank. From the bright, ornate, gothic revival, St. Thomas Aquinas Church to the multifunctional and beautifully landscaped Napredak Hall, Isabel & Glenn hosted a romantic summer Bay Area wedding. All of their research and preparation paid off. When they received their photos three weeks after their wedding, they had this to say, “We had a great photographer, very patient and easy going. Reasonably priced packages and a lot of communication and excellent customer service.”