Daniela & Chris unite at the Garden State

group of people on beach during daytime

Our New Jersey Wedding: August 1st, 2020

Ceremony: Surf City Beach

Reception Location: Family Home

Service Type: New Jersey Wedding Photography and Videography

Our Story & Wedding Plan

Bridesmaids: 4 / Groomsmen: 5 / Guests: 31 / Ceremony Time: 5:50 PM / Reception Time: 6:40

How we met: We met when we were 19 (Daniela) and 20 (Chris) years old. Chris offered to give me a ride home and we spent the rest of the night (and a few after that) talking in his car for hours.

The Proposal: We have a busy schedule on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so in between family parties, Chris said he forgot gifts at home so we had to stop in before going to my mom’s house. We walk into our apartment and there were lit candles, flower petals that formed “Will you marry me?” and a heart, and the only ornament in our tree was a gold heart that held my ring inside of it. It was the first ornament we got (before we lived together) as wishful thinking to finally move in together.