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The Garden State is one of the loveliest places to get married. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of the Ashford Estate or the rustic charm of the Hamilton Manor, we are home to some of the most stunning wedding venues.

One thing that never seems to get any easier, however, is locating a reliable New Jersey wedding photographer for your big day. At Eivan’s Photo Inc., however, we provide the most expansive collection of experts for your ceremony.

We assist more brides in finding the perfect photojournalist for their wedding day needs without the hassle of calling every company you can locate. We have spent years building our pool of talented photographers, providing you with the best solutions for all your planning needs.

Our online resources can help inspire you, as well as find a venue that suits your preferences. When we pair you with your best wedding photographer, you never have to worry about details getting lost. Some brides are forced to choose between only photographs or only video services. Instead, we use photojournalists who offer more ways to capture every sacred moment you need for your wedding.

Our photographers represent some of the most talented professionals in the community. You never have to worry about reviewing portfolios again. Instead, we pair you with someone who best understands your unique sense of style. Whether you’re planning on neutral tones or a wild celebration, we know someone who can best assist you.

When you need to save more time on hiring photography services for your important day, Eivan’s Photo Inc. is your industry insider. Let us help you plan your dream wedding with the best local photojournalist.

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