Ayshen & Adrian teamed up at the Bay City

women and men standing on gray concrete floor

Our San Francisco Wedding: August 1st, 2020

Ceremony: The Cathedral of Christ the Light

Reception Location: Family Friend’s Home

Service Type: San Francisco Photography & Videography

Our Story & Wedding Plan

Bridesmaids: 5 / Groomsmen: 5 / Guests: 100 / Ceremony Time: 2:30 PM / Reception Time: 6:00 PM

How we met: Adrian grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him on the dance floor at a Reggae night in San Francisco 5 years ago. After we escaped the hot dance room we got to talking outdoors and came to find out we both lived in the same tiny town about an hour’s drive away. What a small world. After many sweet phone calls and a couple of dates, we decided to keep it exclusive!

The Proposal: Adrian tricked me. In his culture (Ugandan) when a proposal is about to happen, the groom brings his family and the bride’s family together for a meal.The groom then proposes to the bride. Despite knowing this custom, Adrian convinced me that a special dinner he’d organized for both our families was just “a chance to get together.” I was shocked when he pulled out a ring at the end of our meal. I cried and accepted in front of the people who mean most to me.