9 Country Club Wedding Ideas

Over the last few years, country club wedding ideas have gained a lot of popularity among couples. 

Country clubs are great locations for wedding events because of their natural backdrop potential. They are known to have well-mowed lawns, neatly-trimmed hedges, and beautifully decorated flower gardens. So, if all these things sound appealing to you, then here are 9 country club wedding ideas.

By Eivan’s Photo & Video Editors

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  • The Flower Feels

Regardless of the venue, every wedding has and deserves a beautiful flower setup. The great thing about some country clubs is that they already have a lot of flower garden beds. So, if you love flowers, then all you would need to do is add more flowerpots or floral decorations.

image of a married couple in front of a greenery archway
  • The Ocean Blues

If your local country club is by the sea, then why not add a bit of the ocean blues into your wedding theme? One of the best things about having your wedding at a country club is that you can use the outdoors. So, if you have chosen a place that overviews the ocean, then your guests will fall in love.

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  • The Mediterranean Mood

Not all country clubs are the same as each other. While all have their similarities, some can specialize in a theme without decorating. If you’re looking for something to set the Mediterranean mood, you’ll want a place to represent this style.

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  • The Traditional Romance

Many couples want a country club wedding even if they still want a traditional ceremony. In that case, then make sure to choose a venue that will have meaning to you and your partner.

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  • The Enchanting Ever-after

Depending on where you’re located, you might be lucky enough to find a country club with castle-like barns. If there is such a venue nearby and you’ve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding, then make sure to get booking. Having a venue like this will make it much easier for you to set up the happily-ever-after theme you desire.

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  • Modern Life

You will find that the majority of country clubs might seem a little old in appearance or not too modern in looks. Although this is true, this is actually how they generally are. After all, that is why they’re called “country” clubs. But this doesn’t mean that they can’t invite a modern feel to your wedding. For some couples, old is the new new. In fact, some country club venues have up-to-date facilities that you can enjoy.

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  • The Sports Center

Most of the country’s clubs are around a certain kind of sport or recreational activity. Golf and tennis clubs are perfect and common examples. So, if you and your partner are fans of sports, then a country club wedding would be very fitting for you. Because country clubs contain sporting, search around for one around your favorite sport.

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  • The Wine Event

Another attractive feature of country clubs is wine. Many couples love the idea of a wine-themed wedding. Wine represents happiness and friendship, so a wine venue would be a perfect place. If you want to have your vows done outside, then you can also find a spot by the grapevines. Grapes represent transformation due to how they transform when fermented. This symbolic meaning is also perfect for newlywed couples to-be.

  • The Outdoor Fun

Last on the list is the most obvious reason why most couples would pick a country club wedding. Whatever theme you wish to go by, you can always have it outside. The vows, the altar, the dinner tables, even the dance floor can all be set up on the stunningly cut lawns or around the intricately organized garden beds for you to take advantage of. Depending on the venue, there is a lot that you can do to use the great outdoors for your country club wedding theme.

image of a married couple walking outside
Things to Consider Before Planning a Country Club Wedding
Before planning your country club wedding, there are a few things you need to consider. Some, you will need to know before you can even book your country club wedding reception. So, to help you avoid mistakes, here is a list of those essential things about country club wedding ideas.
Before anything, you need to find out if the country club you want is open to host weddings for non-members. And, if they do, ask in advance how much the country club wedding cost.
Some could restrict to offering services or may offer deals for temporary groups. You might also find others who allow their venue for public use but only through a sponsored member. Even if you do find a country club, you should still give them a call as they may be open to exceptions.
Other than finding who offers non-members, you should also inquire about their practices.
Although you might already have a wedding theme in mind, it’s disappointing to find out the club has a dress code. Another example of country club policies to be aware of is the number of guests you’re allowed to invite. Knowing what the country club rules are can help you avoid unnecessary frustrations.
When inquiring about what services country clubs offer, ask for details. Do they offer catering services? Do they have people that can decorate the venue? Or if they have people that can help with other kinds of set up. Another great question to ask is if they allow other vendors to provide help with the wedding set up. You don’t want to hire a decorator, for example, then find out that you have to send them away. If the country club hosts weddings, then they might have packages for you to choose from.
Décor & Menu
If the country club does have vendors, then make sure to ask them further questions about it. For example, if the venue is already well decorated, then they might limit decor. If the club offers its menu, don’t be afraid to ask if they allow adding to it or if you could have a customized menu. Some chefs make this possible, but with an extra charge.
Once you have had a good discussion with the country club about their rules, you should visit the venue. This is where you can plan where you can have your ceremony. Meeting the club representatives will also help you to know more about what you can do there.
Privacy during your big and special day is a crucial thing. Most couples don’t want random people or strangers walking in on their wedding. Because country clubs are open, you should find out how much privacy you will have on your wedding day.
Do they close that section of the venue from members’ use for wedding events? Or will you have to deal with spectators as you say your vows? Your communication must go well when attempting to book at non-wedding venues.
Having a country club wedding is a great choice and one that will not be regrettable. You can never disappoint when having your wedding ceremony in the beautiful outdoors. So, think about which of these nine country club wedding ideas you like and consider. As you plan well, your country club wedding will be a blast.