19 Most Unique and Creative Props for Engagement Photos

By Eivan’s Photo & Video Editors

image of an engaged man and woman

You’re engaged! Congratulations! We know how exciting it is to be marrying the love of your life. You already told all your friends about it and posted it on social media. Now, to start the plans for your dream wedding.

We’re sure you have a lot on your mind, but let’s focus on the engagement part for now. We understand all the overwhelming preparations for your engagement pictures, let alone your wedding!

However, to capture the most fun moments of your engagement session, we suggest one thing, Props! Using props can add personality and a unique style to your engagement photos. There are lots of things you can use for your engagement photos, such as balloons and champagne glasses! Here are some more suggestions:

  • Holding up an Engagement Banner

Engagement banners and buntings come in many forms.

Including Just Engaged, Engaged with a heart symbol, and so on. You can either hang them up as a photo backdrop or can hold it up yourself!













image of an engaged couple holding up signs
image of scrabble letters
  • Scrabble Letters

These letters are a great way to showcase and celebrate your love and special day. They’re a classic but also one of the most creative props for engagement photos. The bride could hold all scrabble letters, such as Forever and Ever, Better Together, or Just Engaged. You can also add a heart sign along the letters to have a more picturesque feeling to your pictures.





  • Indian Holi Colors

It’s always a better idea to discuss it with your spouse and the photographer first.

Because holi themed props for engagement photos need precision. It’s diverse range of color elements brings out a vibrant and phenomenal feeling to engagement photography.

Selecting this could be your best decision to enhance your photo sessions with utterly unique shots. If you have decided to take on this theme, then remember to wear white to highlight all the beautiful colors.

image of an indian couple
image of engaged couple at Lincoln park zoo
  • LED Fairy Lights

If you are doing the photo session during the evening or night, then utilizing the fairy lights is one of the best props for engagement photos!

The photos taken with these lights look majestic and romantic. The best way to make these photographs is by hanging them on the background.

You can hold the lights or wrap them around your body to snap some of the most fantastic shots.



  • Ice Cream

If you are doing the photo session during the evening or night, then utilizing the fairy lights is one of the best props for engagement photos!

The photos taken with these lights look majestic and romantic. The best way to make these photographs is by hanging them on the background.

You can hold the lights or wrap them around your body to snap some of the most fantastic shots.



image of a bride and groom cheering to ice cream
image of engaged couple kissing and cheering a coke
  • Having a Soda

Similar to ice cream, soda is also one of the unique props for engagement photos where you can use two straws on each end.

The photograph looks utterly romantic and enamoring. It would make you feel comfortable and let you have a great time with your spouse.

It’s highly recommended that you use drinks and straws with vibrant colors!



  • Blowing Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is definitely one of the cutest props for engagement photos. Professional photography knows all the dynamics of taking these momentous pictures. During the photo shoot, sit back, relax, and have fun while the photographer captures all those romantic shots.


  • With your pets

What could be cuter than getting your pet involved in your photo session?

I guess you can count pets to make unique props for engagement photos.

They can let you be yourself without the direction of the photographer.

The smile and laughter you would have while playing with them will be original, fun, and would last forever in your memories.









image of engaged couple with their dog
image of an engaged couple having a picnic
  • Picnic Photo Props

If you are looking for a casual photoshoot for your engagement, then a picnic is the ideal setup.

These are memorable props for engagement photos as it will remind both of you when you first started going out and had romantic evenings.

Moreover, creating these props is quite easy. All you need is a bunch of beautiful flowers and picnic elements, like a basket and blanket, in an appropriate color scheme.



  • Covering her with a blanket

It might seem like a small prop, but it makes a huge statement.

When you and your spouse are very close and wrapped up in a blanket together, it can show real intimacy between each other.

Remember to use one big enough for the both of you!



image of engaged couple on their bed
image of engaged couple with a red rose
  • Flowers

Flowers are everywhere at the wedding. However, they also make excellent props for engagement photos.

In fact, there are plenty of flowers that can be utilized as prop ideas for an engagement photoshoot.

Use your creativity and take unique and unforgettable pictures.



  • Pop-culture References

Improvising on pop-cultures is one of the exceptional and creative props for engagement photos.

For instance, you can take pictures with your spouse with the lightsabers, referencing to the amazing Star Wars saga.

The pictures taken would be utterly unique and inspiring.

image of engaged couple in the park
  • Use cotton-candy

Cotton candy can make for an excellent wedding dessert. They can also be the perfect prop for engagement photos. Use it to take sweet pictures! Get it? You and your better half can share cotton candy, play with it, or you can even kiss behind it.


  • Books

Books are one of the classic props for engagement photos.

Select a book with visually appealing hardcovers.

Remember to ensure not to distract the attention from the main purpose of the images.

Also, make sure that the colors of the props match with the colors of your engagement.

image of an engaged couple reading books
  • Musical Instruments 

Using musical instruments is one of the unique props for an engagement photoshoot. Since every couple loves listening to music, especially during these special times. It will mesmerize the entire atmosphere of engagement photography.

Moreover, the groom could serenade his bride-to-be, and it will be candid moments for both if the photoshoot is taken during the sunset or the sunrise. If you are taking engagement photos at night, then it’s highly recommended for the photographer to bring a soft box and several flashes in the photography gear list.

  • Under the Sky Lanterns

You know what would make a fantastic photoshoot for your engagement? Sky lanterns! They always add romantic allure to the atmosphere. The photographer could take your photos in portraits when you and your spouse kiss and set the lamps free at the same time. These photoshoots would be utterly amazing, filled with fairy-tale-like vibes.

  • Confetti

It is considered one of the classic engagement props ideas. When you are using the confetti, you don’t even have to pose for the photoshoot. The photographer will be taking all the candid moments in the very first attempt.

Not only that, these props for engagement photos let you have the time of their lives. The best time to take pictures is when both of you are having fun! The photographer will make your photos while you both are throwing up the confetti and expressing your emotions of joy and happiness. The different range of colors of the confetti and sincere feelings make unforgettable moments.

  • Balloons

Balloons are essential props for wedding photography; however, nobody says that they cannot be utilized as props for engagement photos. It takes a lot of considerations and preparation for making beautiful and memorable shots.

You need not-standard size colorful balloons, and also you need to put the messages and confetti inside the balloons. Furthermore, you also have to decorate the strings as well. These engagement photography props can also be combined with other ornaments if you are looking to create a unique composition.

  • Sparklers

Sparklers are one of the best props for engagement photos as well as for a wedding. The best way to utilize this prop is to make use of them against the black background. You and your beloved can even draw pictures and letters, as well.

Furthermore, you can also invite your family members to join in on the fun and to write words by using the sparklers. For instance, you all can make the word “Love” or “I HeartYou.” This prop has not been standardized yet, so you make use of this prop and make your engagement photoshoot special.

Making excellent use of the props for capturing memorable photos needs a professional touch which the photographers at Eivan’s have. Contact us today and make preparations for the rest of your wedding while we take care of taking all the candid moments of you and your spouse.