15 Artistic & Unique Wedding Photography Poses

“And I knew exactly how old Walt Disney’s Cinderella felt when she found her prince.” —Elizabeth Young

You’ve been doing the preparations for your big day for months and months to make sure everything goes perfect. And while your romantic wedding is just one day, the pictures are what you will truly treasure. Sometimes even the most imaginative and innovative photographers lose ideas for a photoshoot, especially if they have to perform similar photography ideas repeatedly. Nonetheless, creative poses in wedding photography could transform an ordinary picture into an eye-catching masterpiece. Therefore, it is important to brainstorm ideas to find wedding photography poses that suit the most challenging clients. That’s why we’re bringing together our dream collection of the 15 unique wedding photography poses, which are chic, trendy, and fun while performing.

Wedding photography is a gateway to the old memories of your big day. When you see the filmy and stylish poses of your wedding photography, it takes you back in time and revives the love between you and your significant other. Let’s have a look at some fantastic and incredible photo shoot ideas:

1. Old Hollywood style:

wedding couple in an old hollywood style pose

This is one of the enduring looks of the most beautiful and elegantly traditional wedding photography poses. For the wedding photographer to show off the designs of the back of the bride’s dress, the groom stands facing the bride back to the camera. Bringing up the arm of the bride to gently stroke his head. The body language is subtle yet formal. This couple pose will reveal their personalities in this pose, making this picture seem timeless.

2. Her blindfolding him:

People believe that before the wedding, and the husband shouldn’t see the bride. Why not use it as a photoshoot idea among the unique wedding photography poses? Tell the bride to cover the groom’s eyes from the back just before he sees her. This wedding idea is a creative way to capture such a sweet and genuine moment. It is a time of breathless joy, and you can create unique wedding pictures by capturing it.

3. Lift and laugh:

We won’t lie, this wedding pose is tricky, and it should be mastered pre-wedding and before the big white dress is on. The groom will lift the bride easily on his shoulder while both of them laughing. Only make sure that the bride is comfortable and don’t leave it for too long. A sweet snap is captured at the end of the day.

4. Kiss on the forehead:


Sometimes you get the model for the wedding photography shot list, but most plans cannot be executed as the couple seems quite tentative and shy. One pose among the unique wedding photography poses is a win-win position. Ask the groom to hug his bride and gently kiss her forehead. It looks romantic reveals the love between them.

5. At first glance:


This is the most significant pose for wedding portraits this decade has come across. The first glimpse is pulled off in a million different ways, and the main thing is to have a photographer catch the initial reaction of the bride and groom. Couples often choose the first look to convey the passion and happiness that falls in a relationship. Therefore, holding hands while walking down the aisle, a first look away from the guests means fewer jitters and butterflies! In this pose, the bride and groom will act out their first glimpse in this unique wedding pose, and the photographer will capture their expression in the picture.

6. A sneak kiss:


Any special wedding day moment? Not now? That’s all right- make your own private moment by hiding a sneaky kiss with a bouquet. This is quick but is an adorable shot and could be suggested among the unique wedding photography poses in your wedding shoot.

7. Dancing pose:


It is a very significant wedding moment. This pose usually takes place at the reception party, but there are plenty of guests and the bridal party around it, and you might not be able to make fun shots. So, tell the newlyweds during the photo session to perform their first step of the couple dance, and the photographer will capture it professionally.

8. The traditional portrait pose:


Over the years, bridal photos always have the bride and groom in front of the frame. But if the pair face each other and share a moment, it’s more enjoyable. Consider it a match and ask them not to speak to each other, but to smile at each other and recall their first interaction. Make a black and white big portrait of this pose. This classic portrait will look fabulous on the wall and will remind you of your good times always.

9. Lying on the grass:


Unique wedding photography poses can be a fun thing to do. Tell the pair to lay in the grass and look in the eyes of each other. Once people see their favorite person, they tend to smile. They may hold their hands together, and on the groom’s side, the bride can place her head slightly. To make this look as stunning as it can be, adopt our recommended wedding photoshoot poses for your big day.

10. The big chase:


There is no need only to use stationary images; the photographs can also be diversified by clicking some walking or running poses. It’s terrific if there’s nearby water flow and if one can seek modeling poses for a beach wedding. The motion pictures are always as good as anything. Just tell the bride and groom to walk/run spontaneously while you capture the photographs or ask them to chat about anything they want. Such an atmosphere is going to be an excellent scenery for the images. This pose is perfect for any photoshoot before the wedding.

11. In the nature background:


This is one of the typical images for expressing deep intimate love between the two. Ask the newlyweds to touch each other by embracing their whole bodies. They can hug each other or lean in to take this picture. There are, of course, plenty of V-pose combinations that you can do for different couples. The only idea is to direct the pair and help them instinctively position their feet and randomly hold each other just as they want to. Follow other unique wedding photography poses to take amazing pictures in the background of nature.

12. Full embrace:


This is one of the most fun representation among the wedding photoshoot poses. It is fast and safe and effortlessly be done indoor or outdoor. The wife will pose just a couple feet closer to the camera behind the husband with her head slightly leaning on the groom’s shoulder. The groom will embrace the bride, and the bride will look straight into the camera, smiling with a bowed head. This click will give a cute look to the wedding album.

13. Close looks:



The reception will have plenty of photoshoot poses. You can try to capture them at the celebration, but in a more peaceful environment, try to recreate this concept. The bride and groom will meet each other at the reception. They can grin freely or just giggle a little bit. Nonetheless, the photos are going to be great. Both of them will come closer to each other and give intimate looks to each other, and the photographer will capture the candid moments.

14. The forehead rest:


This romantic moment is warm and serene. To see the couple in love, the eyes are not only meant to be captured. Tell the couple to hold the bouquet in one hand and rest their foreheads to each other. This click is a lifetime memory of the peace, love, and trusts the couple shares with each other.

15. In the car:


How can we forget about the car on the big day? Get as much creative and imaginative as you can, and as you like and know that sending off is the best way to finish your album. Make this unique wedding photography pose to come in the last of your wedding photoshoot album. This will also act as signing off on your album. The couple will look behind sitting in the car, posing the farewell to the guests. This is a classic pose counted in the wedding photoshoot and is timeless.

To state it simply!

Paying attention to every detail during the shoot, from the poses to the backdrop, and making sure that the photos provided are perfect is the responsibility of a professional photographer. Watch for anything out of place–particularly the posture and positioning of the feet, arms, and legs. See the camera’s frame to make sure there are no artifacts in the context that could produce an image that is less than perfect. And you will get the most popular and unique wedding photography poses of all time.

photography poses of all time.