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When planning your wedding, it seems as if every bride needs to feel like royalty. Whether you prefer the traditional elegance of Courtyard D’Oro or the fairytale wedding day atmosphere of the Capital Plaza Ballrooms, you have many options in where to have your important day.

However, whichever location you think is best, you’ll need an expert Sacramento wedding photographer to creating lasting memories. When there are so many local photographers to interview, how can you possibly know which are right for your needs?

At Eivan’s Photo Inc, we’ve acted as the perfect pairing process for more couples, helping them in finding the ideal photojournalist for their ceremonies. For over 25 years, we continue seeking out experienced and professional photographers with the talent that you can trust.

We help you plan out your wedding with our quick, and fun, online photography style quiz. It doesn’t take long to discover the perfect style and theme of pictures, and we’ll show you local photographers who can pull them off.

From there, we pair you with local experts and set up an in-person consultation so that you can know for sure you’re making the best decision possible. Or, if you prefer, you can also schedule your interviews over the phone.

Even if you’re still unsure of where the ceremony will get held or how you prefer it to look, we make finding inspiration simple with online image galleries. Our growing list of previous satisfied clients let you know that we remain your best choice each time.

Begin your wedding photographer search today with the experienced partners at Eivan’s Photo Inc. We are your perfect pairing process for more photographers and brides every day.

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