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Planning out your wedding is no simple task, and there are so many items to prepare for your important day. Do you add a little history at the Villa Filomena or do you choose somewhere unique, like the Tripoli Shrine Center?

However, the location of your wedding needs an experienced local photographer who specializes in intimate settings, as well as large group photos. There are numerous choices when it comes to choosing a Milwaukee wedding photographer, and you can’t possibly find the time to research them all.

Instead, you need a friend in the wedding industry who can help make your choice a simple one. At Eivan’s Photo, Inc, we’ve helped more busy brides to be in finding their ideal photojournalist without the hassle.

We refer more couples to numerous photographers throughout the community, acting as your personalized pairing process and making for the best in lasting memories. Our service also helps guides you towards your ideal choice with several online tools.

You can begin with our online style quiz, where you can find what types of photos you prefer the most. We then help you search for availability, as well as in-person and over the phone interviews with our favorite photographers.

If you still haven’t booked a venue yet, you can search through our image gallery of past wedding parties that we have assisted. More future brides know that we are the perfect pairing process for couple and professional photojournalists throughout the city.

Begin your search today with Eivan’s Photo, Inc. See how more than 25 years in the wedding industry can best assist you.

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