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Whether you prefer an outdoor wedding ceremony by the ocean or a swanky downtown experience at the Renaissance at the Gables, Miami is home to gorgeous venues throughout the community. Once you’ve found your ideal setting, however, you’ll need an experienced Miami wedding photographer to capture every moment.

You can’t possibly find the time to interview every option in local photojournalists, so how can you know that you’re getting the right professional for your special occasions? When you create your account with Eivan’s Photo Inc, we act as your perfect pairing process to more area photographers.

Planning out your day has never been simpler when you choose the firm that has helped more brides for over 25 years of service. When you need a friend in the wedding business, we remain the best choice for you each time.

Choosing a photojournalist on your own is a tiring task and not one that can get taken lightly. However, we assist you in cutting through the overwhelming number of options and get the one that will get the best results for your needs.

We start your search off with a fun online style quiz which reveals your preferred photography method. Whether it turns out that you remain a fan of black and white images, playful and candid shots, or something else entirely, we know someone who can get the results you are looking for on your wedding.

Once you know which style to take your photos, we’ll schedule an in-person consultation with a talented local professional. Or, if that doesn’t work, we can set up a phone interview instead.

When you stay short on time and need a photographer now, you can’t beat our personalized pairing process. Choose Eivan’s Photo Inc for better choices.

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