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The city of Grand Rapids, MI is unique in that, depending on the time of year, you have different considerations in which venues to book for your wedding day celebration. Whether you’re mulling over a traditional springtime outdoor ceremony near Millennium Park or you prefer an urban setting at the Chaney Place, you have many options throughout the city.

Of course, whatever location that you wind up selecting, you’ll need an experienced Grand Rapids wedding photographer to capture your lasting memories. When you have numerous options for wedding photojournalists, you need to make sense of them all.

For more than 25 years, Eivan’s Photo Inc continues making the decision for your best photos straightforward. We have a broad pool of talented local experts who know a variety of styles, themes, and techniques, locating the ideal match for your ceremony.

Your perfect pairing process starts with a tried and tested online style quiz, which uses your answers to reveal your ideal photography techniques. That allows us a clear metric of locating your best professional, creating the perfect set of wedding day photos.

If you aren’t satisfied with the quiz results, worry not; you can still gain lots of inspiration from our site. You can review past ceremonies that we’ve assisted with our photo gallery, and our blog posts are sure to create a few helpful hints.

When you need help finding your best wedding photojournalist, you can still count on us to find the right service provider. 25 years of expert results from Eivan’s Photo Inc can’t be wrong.

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