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The city of Columbus lends a stunning urban backdrop for any wedding jubilee. Whether you prefer the city skyline from the views of the Ivory Room or something more industrial and modern like Vue, there’s something for every bride-to-be to choose.

However, when there are too many options and not enough time to consider them all, it makes planning your special day challenging. As a result, you need a friend who can make navigating the bridal options a more straightforward process. Eivan’s Photo Inc. provides the best pairing possible for your Columbus wedding photographer needs. Our affiliate photojournalists represent the most talented professionals in the area.

We have the resources and services providers that make planning your wedding a breeze. Even if you still need inspiration, we can help you with online resources and image galleries. Let us help prepare your perfect wedding day celebrations. When we assist you, it takes more pressure off so you can enjoy your day.

There are so many available services to select to craft the best occasion for your wedding. How can you know that you’re getting the right mix of value and talent? We have the right candidates for your celebration, offering photography, videos, and photojournalism services. Whatever is the right mix of options for your big day, we guarantee it will remain its best.

If you still aren’t sure which direction you want to take your festivities, we can assist with that as well. Take an online bridal style quiz and review our past happy couples during their celebrations. 

Let Eivan’s Photo Inc. help make your most important day go off without a hitch. When you have us helping to plan your wedding, it saves you time and effort every day.

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