North Avenue Beach Engagement Photos


North Avenue Beach Engagement Photos and Tips on How to Make them Perfect

Do you think organizing your wedding is frustrating? But, wait there is something you need to organize before that. And it’s your engagement photo session. Oh, you forgot about that.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We know the best places where you can organize your engagement photo session. Couples from the Chicago area are so lucky because there are many exciting locations. That also means that often you can get a bit overwhelmed with many beautiful places. But, we’ve got you covered there too.

We have picked one place that we guarantee you will love, and we’ve broken down everything you need to know.

And yes, it’s the North Avenue Beach.

Engagement Session at North Avenue Beach Chicago

Be honest now. What’s better than the beach? Only a few things are better than that. And what’s even better? It’s – organizing your engagement photo session at the beach. This location is one of the favorites among locals, and you certainly know about it if you are one. Even if you are not from downtown Chicago, you will love this area, and you can do your engagement photoshoot here.

North Avenue Beach engagement sessions are the best. The area has beautiful surroundings. And in combination with a great Eivan’s wedding photographer, the outcome will always be perfect.

You need to decide when you want to come. Do you want to organize your perfect session at sunrise or the sunset? Each part of the day has its perks. But the thing they have in common is that both sunrise and sunset are more breathtaking at North Ave Beach.

What’s even better is that this location can be combined with Lincoln Park. That way, you will have more diverse photos to show off to friends and family.

Lincoln Park engagement sessions are also super fun because there are many interesting features the park has to offer.

Chicago Engagement Sessions

We all know what’s specific about Chicago, except the bridges and the best pizza. Yes, it’s the cold winter.

Winters can be pretty harsh here in Chicago, and that can make things a bit difficult. Especially if you are trying to shoot an engagement session. But even during the gloomy fall season and cold winter season photos at the North Avenue Beach can be a real gem.

Winter engagement sessions and fall engagement sessions can be exciting too. And especially if they are sunrise engagement sessions. The season is not that important if you use your imagination.

Few Tips to Spice up Your Winter

You’ve probably worried about your engagement pictures because your session needs to be in the winter of fall. But you shouldn’t worry. You should enjoy your time with your partner and focus on other things. And your favorite Chicago wedding photographer will know what to do even if the snow is falling.

There are some useful tips that we can give to you that will spice up your photos even if the weather is terrible.

Here they are:

  • Wear bright and colorful clothes – This will make you pop in your photos, and it will save the photo if the day is very gloomy and dark.
  • Pick a cute accessory – A colorful umbrella can be a great accessory on a rainy fall day, and it will make the photos look much more interesting.
  • Choose a location that always looks good – For example, North Ave Beach always looks good.
  • Use the weather – If the wind is blowing, use that into your advantage and make awesome photos with your hair or clothes flying in the wind.
  • Wake up early – Wake up super early to catch the perfect sunrise at Lake Michigan.
  • Or choose the sunset hour – The sunsets are even more magical at the beach.
  • Arrange a picnic – With just a few things like a blanket, a bottle of wine, and two glasses you can make a romantic set up for a picnic at the beach. And what’s most important this looks incredible in the photos. Remember it doesn’t matter if it’s cold.
  • Always wear a smile – this is considered a must for every engagement session, no matter the season.

Other tips that we can give to you before you come to your engagement session, are:

  • Sleep the night before – It may sound funny, but you need to sleep the night before. Because if you come tired to your session, it will show on your face.
  • Always come prepared – It means that you should bring all of the accessories that you’ve planned. But also it means that you come prepared with ideas. It would be best if you had a sense of what you want from your engagement session, and your photographer will guide you through the rest.
  • Don’t forget to have fun – Engagement and wedding day sessions can be a bit frustrating. But don’t let it get you down. Enjoy your session, enjoy the time you are spending with your partner, and enjoy your special day.

The Location

For those that are not from the Chicago area and don’t know where North Avenue Beach is, but would love to have their engagement session on the lakeshore, here is the location.

The lovely beach is located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. That’s why we’ve mentioned that it can be combined with Lincoln Park photoshoot.

The location is excellent for romantic sunset or sunrise photos with the view of magnificent Lake Michigan. Also, it is perfect for photos with an outstanding and famous city skyline in the background. And because this is a beach, you don’t need to have a special permit to shoot.

We believe that we’ve managed to convey a feeling of how amazing an engagement photo session can be at the North Avenue Beach. Even if it’s cold and windy. Or sunny and hot. The location is so good that it will always look great in the photos, no matter the season.

Contact Info for North Avenue Beach

1600 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60613, United States |  (312) 742-3224