Lincoln Park Zoo Engagement Photos


Lincoln Park Zoo Engagement Photos Couples Love

Are you feeling stressed out from trying to organize your wedding day session? If you are, we feel you. It can be tough, especially if you are a perfectionist and want everything to be like you’ve imagined. You are currently thinking about the cake, your bridesmaids, the dress, and all that stuff. And about social distancing, constant hand washing, and everything that’s happening currently.

And yes, we agree that it’s difficult. And that it has to be perfect, but you don’t need to stress about it. And you don’t need to feel blu. We know that you are constantly thinking about wedding ideas but just take a step back.

Take a deep breath, relax, and focus on something else than your wedding day. Shift your focus to something that will make you feel happy. Shift it to something more casual than your wedding photography. Yes, we are talking about an engagement shoot.

Engagement photos are more casual and relaxed than the wedding ones. They look the best if you feel comfortable and are wearing something you love and feel good in. They will be your first family photo before you get married. And that’s something special.

When it comes to your wedding engagement session, we can help you a bit. We will ease your stress and send your problems away. If you are planning a Chicago wedding, you’ve come to the right place.

The first thing you need to is to think about the location of your session. And we’ve got something on our mind that you will definitely love. This is for those that are from the Chicago area and want to have their shoot somewhere iconic. The place that represents the city at its best is the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Not a lot of places can compare with this Chicago engagement session location. It’s a peaceful location buried in a bit of a hectic city. The park and the zoo are hidden away from all the chaos and the busy life. You can only see glimpses of the real-life as you can see the Chicago skyline. An excellent opportunity to run away from everything for just a couple of hours and feel free.

The Location

The Lincoln Park Zoo is situated in the Lincoln Park, near downtown Chicago. It’s just along the outstanding Lake Michigan. The location is unique because you get a chance to combine various backdrops. It’s a simple location that offers you a lot, and it’s a specific location that every Chicago local loves.

If you and your partner are nature and animal lovers, what’s a better location than the zoo? You can make exceptional photographs surrounded by wildlife. Many love this location, but most of the people decide to have their engagement session in the park or at Lincoln’s Park South Pond. Those are beautiful locations, but you can go a step further and have your photos taken in the zoo. You could pose next to your favorite animal, make new memories and have a great day in the zoo.

But that’s not all. You can surely enjoy the park and its natural surroundings. If you want, you can explore and find new spots and hidden corners of this location, if you want to have photos like no one else. For those that love nature but are more into the Chicago skyline, you can find that also. The best views at the city’s skyline and its skyscrapers can be found here. While walking through The Nature Boardwalk’s pavilion at the South Pond, you can find many playful locations.

These locations will make your new photographs look more than impressive. Something that looks stunning in every photograph is the honeycomb sculpture. You can find it at Lincoln Park. You and your partner can play around it, use it as a prop in your photos, just let play with your imagination.

These photos will be a great test for you to know how you want your wedding photographs to look like. And you will also be able to get some inspiration for Chicago wedding photography. If you still don’t know where your wedding will take place, there are some exceptional places at Lincoln Park, like Cafe Brauer.

Special Requirements

If you plan on taking having your photo session in Lincoln Park, there are no additional or special requirements, nor need you to pay any fee. But if you decide on having your engagement photo session in the Lincoln Park Zoo, there are some extra fees you will need to pay.

A permit fee of $125 is charged per session, and you need to do it before your session.

It may sound a bit expensive, but do consider that the zoo is a non-profit and free and open every day of the year. It is a great chance to support your favorite place and make your new favorite memories there. While you are shooting at the zoo, you must be gentle with your surroundings and not molest the animals. And of course, you should not litter or leave any damage behind you.

The Best Time to Have Your Engagement Photos at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Our recommendation is to arrange your engagement session in summer or late spring.

The reason for that is apparent; the surrounding nature is the most beautiful at that time of the year. You will enjoy the fresh smell of all the flowers, and you will have plenty of green in your engagement photos.

A good Chicago wedding photographer will know how to capture your spirit alongside the most beautiful time of the year. At a unique Chicago engagement photos location, like this one.

If you don’t have an opportunity to have your engagement pictures taken in the summer, you can have them in the fall.

Fall itself is a season that is an extraordinary and magical time of the year. And your photos can also be magical. The nature at the Lincoln Park Zoo at this time of the year is changing its colors and is dressing a new outfit.

You can google some photos taken at every season and see what goes best with your style and aesthetics. And remember always to have fun in the process, because you can see that in the photos.

Contact Info for Lincoln Park Zoo

2001 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States |  (312) 742-2000