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Downtown Chicago Opportunities – Adler Planetarium Engagement Photos

Looking back at the engagement session photo album can be as satisfying as looking at the wedding memories. Here you will find collections and postcards of youth, love, and happiness.

Comparing to wedding photography, engagement photography is more chill, relaxed, and natural. Engagement pictures can show not only the love of two but also your hobbies, habits, and lifestyle. There are many opportunities to bring some character into the photoshoot and create unforgettable memories of your premarital life. One option is to visit your favorite place and organize an engagement shoot over there. Another is to introduce a hobby or some other significant thing from your life. Since these options are individual, we cannot suggest just the right one for you. You’ll need to sit and think about the ideas by yourself.

However, there are a couple of things we could help you with. Here comes the first one.

Find a Perfect Wedding and Engagement Photographer

At Eivan’s, we have one goal in mind. That is to provide the very best photography and videography services for your wedding day at an affordable price. We will find you a perfect photographer and create a custom wedding and engagement package matching your specific needs. More than 30 years in business and thousands of happy clients are our ultimate proof of quality. Make sure to check what others are saying about their experience with us. They will all tell you the same – professional service at a reasonable price.

The second thing we could help you with is the selection of a venue for engagement photography. On our blog, you will find a series of articles with different Chicago engagement session locations. Today we will introduce you to one iconic downtown Chicago engagement session place.

The Location

Could you tell one location for your session that’s as iconic as Adler Planetarium? It overlooks the Lincoln park zoo and Art institute on one side, and stunning Millennium Park and Lake Michigan on another. This spot truly represents Chicago, with all the city’s symbols appearing wherever you turn your head.

Here you have many opportunities to make your Chicago engagement photos. We suggest starting your journey just next to the Planetarium, on a Chicago riverwalk. Take a couple of photos over there, with two beautiful backdrop options available. You can turn towards the lakeshore, capturing the nice coastline, Lake Michigan, and North Avenue Beach. Another option is to put Chicago‘s skyline behind you. Use Wrigley building, Union Station, or North Avenue Beach as an epochal backdrop.

Lurie Garden is another interesting nearby location every Chicago Engagement photographer will love. This 2.5-acre is like a hidden jam inside the Millenium Park that’s stunning anyways. Here you have the opportunity to combine top-notch grass fields, shrubs, and trees with Chicago‘s widely famous city skyline.

Since these locations are public and in the heart of the city, you might need to wake up early to evade crowds. Whether you like it or not, you’re going to have people around you. Millennial Park is a popular area for early morning runners, cyclers, and all fitness enthusiasts. However, come early and your Chicago wedding photographer will do the rest of the magic.

Since this is mostly a public area, you don’t need to be concerned about any photo permits, entrance fees and such. All the props, gadgets, and clothes you can carry will be allowed on this photoshoot. This is a way to show your uniqueness and give character to your soon-to-be favorite photos. Some couples decide to introduce a car to their engagement session, while others show up with a set of different sports equipment.

For this part, there is no right or wrong. We gave you a couple of examples so you can think of the general idea. Now what’s left for you is to sit with your loved one and plan your engagement session details.

If the downtown is not your preferred location for a photoshoot, we have plenty more ideas as well. Check out the rest of our articles and you’ll find many inspiring ideas for a perfect shooting location. We wrote about the countryside, farms, lakes, forests, zoos, and you must find something for you. In the worst case, you will only get the inspiration, so you’ll know where to look next.

The third and the last thing we prepared for you are tips for a stress-free engagement session.

Organize an engagement session stress-free

Luckily for you, an engagement session is on the lower end when it comes to the stress level, comparing to other wedding planning activities. Anyways, make sure to follow these tips and you’ll have a really enjoyable experience.

Prepare everything in advance

This may be obvious, but couples still tend to overlook it. Once you leave your house, you need to have a strict plan that you will stick to.

What are the places you want to visit? Is there something particular you want to show in photos? What are you going to wear?

Answer these questions, write down your plan, and stick to it. The more you plan in detail, the fewer things could go wrong and cause you a headache.

Consider the weather

The last thing you want to see is a storm or rain ruining your session, while on a shooting location 50 miles from your home. Unfortunately, you can’t control and predict the weather, but at least take care of a plan B.

Is there a place you could hide in case of bad weather? Do you have spare clothes if the rain is predicted? And does it really matter if the weather is bad?

Even if conditions seem bad, photos could turn out to be great. Discuss the weather with your photographer in advance and check what are the limitations and opportunities. A professional may come up with a solution you could never guess.

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