Shawna and Steven’s Romantic Getaway

    Imagine standing upon a grand staircase in a mysterious old mansion that holds a million secrets and the only love of your life. Shawna captured her perfect wedding day with these exact ideas as she looked ravishing while solidifying her ideal relationship with her soon-to-be husband, Steven.

    The old yet enchanting architecture and brick combined with the flourishing greens of the grounds only enhanced this couple’s love for one another. Shawna stood under the magnificent arches while being hit with sunlight; she was genuinely radiating like a queen. She wore a white mermaid style dress delicately decorated with milky white and sparkling lace flowers. Accompanying her exquisite gown was a pair of grey open-toed heels with a bow across the front, a shimmering tiara, dangling diamond earrings, sparkling diamond bracelet, a vibrant and multi-flowered bouquet, and loose curls that cascade down her back. Shawna’s entire ensemble was one that was entirely fit for such an elaborate location. Complementing his beautiful bride, Steven wore a grey tuxedo with a battleship grey vest, light purple tie, and electric blue pocket square; it matched the purple flowers in Shawna’s bouquet.

    This photographer picked up on every detail within this wedding while also demonstrating how genuinely head-over-heels this particular bride and groom are to one another. Some of these features being impeccable wood-work, antique paintings, or intricate chandeliers. Another prominent aspect that this specific Eivan’s photographer used to reinforce Shawna and Steven’s love was sunlight. The use of backlighting and sun flares helped to great a more significant influence on the couple’s big day.

    Besides from the wedding being within and on the grounds of a magnificent mansion, there were also more unique and different aspects of this marriage. One is that the bridesmaids all wore the same electric blue lace color but it all different styles of dresses. This difference in dresses, at the time, was a huge trend in weddings; to have your bridesmaids wear similar but not the same suit. One thing is that unique to these bridesmaids are that each one had a single and different bouquet of flowers although somehow looked utterly cohesive. Separate from the bridesmaids the groomsmen wore different colored grey tuxedos that included two battleship grey tuxedos with slate grey vests and one slate grey tuxedo with a matching vest. All three wore grey and blue ties with light grey pocket squares.

    If you are looking for inspiration for a romantic getaway wedding at a mystic yet captivating mansion, then look no further and look at this wedding of Shawna and Steven.