Kirstie and Thomas’s Big American Themed Wedding

    Are you planning to have a significant attendance on a perfect day? Yes? Then it is a very high possibility that Kirstie and Thomas’s might just be the wedding to look out for plenty of fabulous inspiration. From the preparation of the bride getting her smoky brown eye and red lip done and ravishing up-do accompanied with a simple long veil. While the bride was having her makeup done professionally, she wore a white robe that had “Bride” on the back of it in sparkling blue and silver rhinestones. The rhinestones being worn during preparation only helped to give foreshadowing into the bride’s love for sparkle. Kirstie’s wedding dress was a long mermaid styled gown covered in lace with beautiful intricate beading across the bust down the middle of the dress. She looked like an American goddess in her gown and her accent of electric blue heels. These electric blue open-toed heels also had a convincing accent of a cluster of dazzling diamonds that helped to make these shoes into statement pieces.

    Those blue shoes were the start of smalls pieces to the wedding that when put together gave the wedding the desired a USA theme. One example is that the bridesmaids all wore long light blue wrap dresses with red heels, so it was not obvious yet when they added their red, white, and blue floral bouquet it gave off the vibe of an American theme. A few other small touches were that Thomas’s red tie covered blue stars and how the bride’s dress was with, her accessories were blue, and nails were red which also resulted in the combination of the traditional American colors.

    Besides from the outfits that the couple and their counterparts wore, they also used many trends that are now beginning to pick-up popularity. Some of these patterns being how on the hanger that Kirstie’s gown was hanging on had her soon-to-be last name, Betzweiser. Another one being that they had “Mr. & Mrs. Betzwieser 8.06.17” painted black onto the outside of a white paper umbrella These trends are just other ways to show off the love between this couple and their soon-to-be solidified marriage. Isn’t it adorable?

    Their love radiated through the falls of the church, Our Lady of Guadalupe, as they received their official marriage license that made both Kirstie and Thomas as happy as they could be in their entire lives. This happiness was also showed on the dance floor when moving to their reception at the Rose Bank Winery in Pennsylvania. This rustic and homey scene completed this couple’s perfect day by having their first dance in front of their friends and family.