Kathryn and Timothy’s Rustic Springtime Affair

Are you looking to bring your wedding to life in a rustic yet bright atmosphere? Then you will love how Kathryn and Timothy put together their special day! From vibrant bouquets to lots of natural wood and fresh air, this wedding has anything and everything one would want in nature and austere infused occasion.
At the County Line Orchard, this happy couple spoke from their hearts and committed to a lifetime of smiles and laughter. Kathryn wore a strapless ball gown that had a fluffy tulle bottom, lace top, beaded belt, and with a few sequins placed carefully throughout the gown. She accompanied this exquisite dress with a unique cream and navy blue colored manicure that says “I do”, dazzlingly diamond headband, mid-length veil lined with glimmering beading, gorgeous half-up-half-down hairstyle, a layered pearl and rhine bracelet, glistening dangly diamond and pearl earrings, and her dark brown cowboy boots. The groom was just as handsome as his bride looks beautiful as he wore a cream-colored vest and bowtie paired with dark blue jeans and army green converse. Kathryn and Timothy had a few unique aspects to their wedding which were that their ring boxes were small logs of birch wood that had “His and Hers” engraved in it and the bride. Bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen all had sunflowers incorporated in their ensembles, the bride and bridesmaids had sunflower bouquets while the groom and groomsmen had boutonniere with sunflowers.
As for the companions of the cheerful couple, they wore astonishing outfits to fit with the late spring/early summer wedding. The bridesmaids wore all different dresses, but they were all navy blue and stopped before the knee, yet to keep all of them cohesive, they wore the same dark brown cowboy boots. As for the groomsmen, they wore navy blue vests and bowties complemented with jeans and the same sneakers as the groom. Both of the decided upon looks fit Kathryn and Timothy’s barn themed wedding.
This infatuating day also continued with many of the spring/summer trends of 2017. These trends include the bride and groom wearing matching sunglasses with their names and the date of the wedding engraved on the side. The hanger the bride’s dress is on has her soon-to-be new last name placed on the top of it, and Kathryn even comes out before the wedding and surprises her groom with her stunning look.
Kathryn and Timothy showed us how to throw the perfect Rustic Barn Wedding by demonstrating their love to the highest percentile.