Jessica and Stephen’s Sophisticated and Elegant Summer Wedding

    Bringing your groom to tears on your wedding day is something many want to achieve. Would you want to stop your soon-to-be husband in his tracks by your more than stunning looks? Yes? Then let us see who Jessica got her now husband, Stephen, to demonstrate his love to her by crying joyous tears.

    Lush greens and beautifully unique walkways were what the couple found precisely at Thornapple Point Golf course. They were able to share their undeniable love to one another within a setting filled with blossoming nature, beaming greens, and colorful flowers. Jessica and Stephen not only used the space to take photographs of life but also in some more industrial settings. This demonstrates the diversity of their relationship and how they have different sides to be shown. This Grand Rapids photographer captured not only the kindred spirits of the couple but also the joy and happiness of all the attendees. The photographer was also able to achieve an unforgettable moment between the bride and groom; it was when Jessica and Stephen stood outside on the corner of the building unable to see one another. They handed one another a letter to read about how much the other one cares about them. The photos show how much the groom was moved by his bride’s words because he began to shed blissful tears.

    Combined with the exquisite environmental setting and lovely attention-grabbing outfit of the bride, one can honestly see how she truly excelled and conquered this day with pride and confidence. Jessica wore a mermaid style gown with a sweetheart neckline, dazzlingly beaded top, and fell into a sheer ruffled bottom. The dress complimented her astonishing half-up-half-down hairstyle, mid-length rhinestone laced veil, sparkling strapped silver heels, glistening diamond bracelet, flawless makeup, small enchanting necklace, and delectable hoop earrings. This bride looked like a fairytale princess on her perfectly royal day.

    As for color schemes, the bride and groom kept with the traditional idea that pink is for girls and blue is for the guys. An example of this is that all the bridesmaids wore light pink dresses with a scoop-neckline, t-shaped lace back, and a fitted waist, except Stephen and his buddies, wore a navy blue get-up that accompanied with pastel pink ties, off-white boutonnieres, and tan leather shoes with matching belts. The only difference between the Groom and his counterparts was that his tie was white and he was wearing the full suit coat. Similar to the outfits of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the color scheme continued through the decor and cake at this grand affair. At the ceremony, there was a frosted white arch with pink roses in all shades which matched the centerpieces at the reception. At the dinner, they had grand centerpieces of all sorts of pink and white flowers that helped flow the ceremony and reception together. As for the cake though, they had a three-tier white cake with navy blue ribbon and a set of white and pink flowers on top. The cake only demonstrates how well the couple indeed is made for one another and how different styles can become one.

    Jessica and Stephen’s wedding was one of pure elegance, between showing off all sorts of different aspects of their lives but also keeping individuality. This couple showed us the true meaning of a match made in heaven.