How Much Does A Wedding Venue Cost

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By Eivan’s Wedding Team

We all want to have a memorable wedding day. This is why we would want our wedding venue to be the best. We must foresee that the best venues can hurt your wedding budget. In this article, we will determine how much does a wedding venue cost. It will help you to have an idea of the price of the average wedding. This will be beneficial in the decision-making process.

The average cost of a wedding venue is reliant on a lot of factors. They are essential in making your big day a success. The wedding cost can go as high as 30,000 USD. But if we will consider the budget for simple weddings it can be as low as 3,000 to 5,000 USD.

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To be realistic the average wedding cost in the United States nowadays is in the range of 3,000 to 11,000 USD. The price is reliant on how you want your wedding to turn out. It all depends on the different factors such as the ones in bulleted points below.

  • Wedding planning

In planning, you can visualize the whole thing. The task is not easy. Most of the time, if you want to have a perfect wedding, you’ll have to hire a wedding planner to save you a lot of headaches. Wedding planners usually aren’t cheap.

This is because the planning process eats up a lot of time and effort. You can determine the price tag of planners according to their experience. The wedding planner can also opt to start a rehearsal dinner. It will polish things before the wedding day to avoid any mistakes when the actual day comes.

  • Wedding reception

It is where most of the memorable moments take place. This is why you must consider having a good plan. Celebrating the wedding party of yours on a great place is never a bad idea.

So if you are planning to tie the knot any time of year then this is one of the most important factors to ponder on. It is always better to go for the best. Imagine you are doing the cake cutting with your spouse in an elegant place. Those memories will last for a lifetime. Good memories are things that money can’t buy, isn’t it?

  • Things to buy

A wedding is not complete without a good wedding dress, rings, and flatware at the reception venue. Those things are simple if you will think of them but they mean a lot to make the wedding day successful.

  • The number of guests

The guest count or the guest list is a factor that can increase the wedding cost. The more wedding guests you have then expect that the wedding will be more expensive.

  • Wedding venue

This is where almost all the enjoyment and memorable experiences happen. From great activities to mouth-watering foods, you’ll have the best moments for sure. There are lots of possible places where you can get a decent wedding venue. You have to weigh in those choices to get the best deal. With the help of a reliable wedding planner, this will be easy.

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What Comes Next

After we have tackled those other factors which are pretty interesting. There is no doubt that the wedding venue is the most expensive part of your wedding. It does not involve the wedding venue alone. This is because along that are add-ons that you should not take for granted. It also includes the following elements:

The staff will be present at the venue. This includes:

  • caterers
  • florists
  • videographers
  • photographers.

They comprise a significant part of your bill. This is why it is important to take note of them while you are still in the planning stage. As a result, it can affect the overall cost of the wedding.

Although you can opt to DIY some of it if you want your wedding to be close to perfect. It is advisable to hire the services of professionals.

  • The consumables:

    This includes foods such as the appetizers, main course, dessert, drinks, etc. The price depends on the bulk and quality of the foods to be served at your wedding.

  • The wedding date:

    believe it or not, the wedding date is also a factor in the wedding venue cost. This is because venues are more expensive on peak season rather than on the off-peak.

  • Added amenities:

    aside from the banquet halls there are extra amenities that you can enjoy. Some examples of it are dance floor, country club, and many more. Along that is the gratuity that is designated for the staff. So the more amenities then expect that you’ll spend more on gratuity alone.

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What more if you chose a destination wedding? About this question, the answer is a big yes, you’ll have to allot more funds for the wedding venue as well. When it comes to awesomeness, there is no contest that a destination wedding is the best choice. But be sure that you can handle the accompanying costs.

You have given that wonderful engagement ring and promised a memorable wedding ceremony. The best decision is to celebrate it in wonderful places around the United States. It is said that the best destination weddings happen in the following places such as:

  • Seattle
  • San Francisco
  • Las Vegas
  • Hawaii
  • New York

Those places are a dream come true to every couple in making their big day more special. The costs of the wedding venue will increase but the experience will be priceless. There might be a lot of work to be done in planning. But with proper time management and the right person to do the job, everything will be in the right places.

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Now you know how much does a wedding venue cost., the decision is yours to make. You can go for cheaper expenses but the experience might be compromised. Or you can go all out and have the experience of a lifetime.

After the wedding day has ended, you will cherish the memories forever. Everything will pass by and the only evidence left is the marriage license and photos of the wedding. Providing the most awesome wedding experience to your spouse is the best thing that you can do.

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