How Much Does a Wedding Cake Cost

white 3 tier cake with white roses on top

By Eivan’s Wedding Team

There is no doubt that wedding cakes have a huge part in making your big day special. The cake is the most popular wedding dessert ever and there is no question about that. This is why the wedding cake baker has a lot of responsibility to bring out the best cake for couples. It’s only up to the couple on what wedding cake will they choose. It might be a square cake or a circle one. It does not matter. The most important thing is it must be always present at every wedding.

More factors determine the average cost of a wedding cake. Couples are exerting a lot of resources on wedding cakes. This ensures that their wedding will be extraordinary. Let’s face the fact that wedding cakes are eye-candies. Without it, weddings will be dull and passive.

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What To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Cake

The decision of what wedding cake to buy relies on several factors. The most common is your budget. The average wedding cake cost is a great way to have an idea to know your limitations. But the price varies, you can use the following factors to help you more in choosing:

  • Design

You can choose what particular design of a wedding cake do you like. It will allow you to integrate the cake base on the concept that you have at your wedding.

  • Size

This determines the number of servings that the cake can accommodate. Smaller cakes are usually much cheaper which is the primary option of couples. This is because they are trying to save money. But if there are lots of people on your guest list, smaller cakes are not suggested. This is because of the limited servings that it can give.

  • Delivery fee

It is reliant on the location of the wedding reception. The farther the location, the more expensive the delivery fee will be.

  • Special modifications

Some couples would want a gluten-free cake. To make it possible, you’ll need to pay an extra charge at the top of the regular price.

  • Add ons

The couple can choose to avail of some extras. Some examples are by adding the groom’s cake, sheet cakes, red velvet cakes, and cupcakes. Some would want to have a dummy cake which is made of styrofoam for decorative purposes. It only means that you have the power to choose what you would want to add. As a result, the price will have to increase as well but the wedding experience will be more awesome.

  • Place

There are times that some states do have a higher cost of living. In this manner, the prices are significantly higher than the other states. So when it comes to wedding cakes, nothing is different. For example, you could find cheaper wedding cakes in Arkansas than in New York. This is because Arkansas has a lower cost of living and that explains everything.

If you want the best cake for your wedding day then you must ready your wedding budget. This is because it might be really expensive. The big question is how much does a wedding cake cost.

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By knowing the average cost of wedding cakes, couples can plan their wedding budget well. Well, the average cost of a wedding cake is $350 and it can go super high without any limitations. That is the national average but not the exact amount that is why you still have to be very observant of prices.

It is up to the couple how much they are willing to spend on it. Rich people do not mind the price of a wedding cake at all. As long as it will make a perfect wedding, they go for it.

white and brown cake with white flower on top