How to Have the Perfect Engagement and Wedding Photography Sessions

summer wedding inspiration

Come and see how this couple puts together their rustic fall engagement session to their austere wedding session.

Engagement Session:

Haley and Jake proclaimed their love in Charlotte, North Carolina with the help of a homey barn, comforting bed, their snow-white dog, and soothing music played by the soon-to-be husband. The couple changed outfits a few times, but Haley never went without her cowboy boots, tying everything together while also representing their personalities completely. How Cute! The Autumn weather fills the photographs with warm tones that this Charlotte Photographer uses to create a loving environment. The dog of honor would most definitely agree. Not only does the atmosphere and colors in the photos help show the everlasting love of the happy couple but also the many signs with unique and quirky sayings represent precisely how happy Haley and Jake are with their new engagement.

Wedding Session:

In the springtime, this radiating couple got married in an iconic big red barn but with a modern twist.

Homey Decor:

In addition, the decorations, they hung chandeliers, used lots of bright flowers, and this wedding’s signature colors, mint, and pastel pink.

Elegant Bridal Look:

Haley wore a wedding dress in the ball gown style that was off-the-shoulder, had a fluffy tulle bottom, and intricate beading/rhinestones on the top half of the dress. Hence she looked like an actual country princess when combined with her ravishing up-do, one-of-a-kind cowboy boots, and sparkling dangly earrings.

Bridesmaids’ Look:

Therefore, To match the bride they wore long mint green dresses with a bouquet of milk white and rosy pink flowers.

The Groom’s Look:

Seems like the groom followed suit and wore a grey tuxedo with a mint green tie and vest complemented with a matching boutonniere to the bouquets.

The genuine surprise and gleam of happiness in the bridesmaid’s and the bride’s dad’s eyes when she revealed herself were priceless and unique to this wedding. Haley and Jake broke through the 2017 trends and created their mold and idea of a perfect day.

The Farm was the perfect location to tie the knot and fall in love all over again.