Constance and Matthew’s Fast-Paced Jump into their New Lives

    Getting married to someone you love very genuinely is one bettering step into someone’s life, yet also marrying someone that you can be yourself around is where true love and lifetime’s of happiness are awaiting. Constance and Matthew showed how they are both still very tied to their faith but also their interest in classic cars.

    Driving out in style while in the front seat of a late 1960’s electric blue corvette, Constance and Matthew are waving goodbye to their friends and family after sealing their vows within the brick walls of All Saints Catholic Church. Constance looking radiating in her ballgown styled dress that had a very detailed and rhinestoned top, and sheer sleeves. Complementing this gown was her maroon, blue, and pink bouquet, an extremely long white embroidered veil, dazzling jewelry, and grey suede wrap heels. While in preparation for the spectacular day ahead of both Constance and Matthew, they open letters written by one another while they wait for their final moments of being single to dwindle away. Minutes before the couple say “I do,” they meet separately and surprise one another and Matthew is finally able to gaze upon his exquisite bride for the first time.

    As for the bride and groom’s counterparts, the bridesmaids wore long grey gowns in all different styles, but all with their hair up. The only exception was the bride’s male friend and her maid of honor. The man wore a dark grey suit with an extremely light grey and maroon boutonniere and the maid of honor also wore a long grey gown, but it was covered head to toe in beading. As for the groomsmen, they wore black tuxedos with just grey, white ties, while the best man also wore a light pink boutonniere and a black bowtie instead of a dark grey tie.

    Finalizing this superb day, Constance and Matthew spent their first dance together at a very unconventional location that turned out to just perfectly fit into this couple’s ideas and ideals.

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