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Lots of weird traditions surround weddings. Some even date back to the Middle Ages. Let’s take a look at one of the most well-known of these, the bouquet toss.

Most traditions stem from political, economic, and cultural needs. The diversity of these practices makes people wonder how these came to be. And these days, some of the still-practiced ones are even incorporated in wedding ceremonies without really knowing what they stand for.

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A Closer Look at What the Bouquet Toss is All About

Often described as one of the most frivolous and fun wedding traditions of all time, the bouquet toss is something that is highly anticipated by all the single ladies. This involves the bride flinging her bridal bouquet over her head to all the unmarried women – bridesmaids and guests included. This time-honored tradition is still being practiced to date, although not as much as before. But have you ever wondered why people go nuts over the idea of tossing and catching a few extra flowers?

The History of the Bouquet Toss

Back in the 1800s in England, it was believed that some good luck would be bestowed upon those who were able to touch something belonging to the bride. Thence, guests attending wedding ceremonies would try to tear off bits and pieces of the bride’s wedding gown. Some would even go to such lengths as to rip pieces off the bride’s wedding bouquet.

In all actuality, it was only unmarried guests who took part in this wedding ritual. What happens next is the bride, in fear of this mob mentality, would escape by tossing her entire bouquet in one direction. When the crowd proceeds to catch the thrown bouquet of flowers, the bride would smartly run away in the opposite direction. The newlywed couple would then go and seek the solace and privacy of the bridal chambers. After all the fuss, leaving the ceremony is now possible without being harassed by the rowdy guests.

Keeping up with Tradition

The practice of tossing the bridal bouquet usually takes place right towards the end of the affair – at the wedding reception. Regrettably, several wedding traditions have slowly dwindled in popularity. Nevertheless, this jovial practice has withstood the test of time and is still a small anticipated part of wedding ceremonies the world over.

This light tradition of tossing the flowers to all the single ladies in attendance means an extra bit of preparation. More importantly, the atmosphere has to complement the feeling of excitement shared by the bouquet catchers. Below are some of the most well-known and well-loved bouquet toss songs throughout the years, and are grouped according to the generation they were introduced to the public.

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Hit bouquet toss songs of the 60s

Oh, Pretty Woman

– A song released by Roy Orbison in 1964. This speaks about how a pretty woman (lyrics inspired by his wife) does not need any money to get by in life.

Wishin’ and Hopin’

– A song released by Dusty Springfield in 1964. This speaks about the greatness of true love.

Chapel of Love

– A song released by The Dixie Cups in 1964. This speaks about the elation and bliss that a soon-to-be-married woman feels just before going to the chapel of love to be united forever.

You Can’t Hurry Love

– A song released by The Supremes in 1966. This speaks about the words of encouragement by a mother to her daughter, telling her that with patience, the right man will come one day.

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Hit bouquet toss songs of the 70s

She’s a Lady

– A song released by Tom Jones in 1971. This speaks about the ideal qualities that the singer sees in his woman.

Dancing Queen

– A song released by ABBA in 1976. This speaks about being in a discotheque and the many joys of dancing freely.

One Way or Another

– A song released by Blondie in 1978. This speaks about the singer’s terrifying experience with a persistent stalker, a circumstance she tried to make light of.

Ladies’ Night

– A song released by Kool & the Gang in 1979. This speaks about how clubs and bars lure male customers by introducing the concept of “Ladies Nights”.

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Copyright Eivan's Photo, Inc.

Hit bouquet toss songs of the 80s

Another One Bites the Dust

– A song released by Queen in 1980. This speaks about beating out the competition.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

– A song released by Pat Benatar in 1980. This speaks about a woman challenging a hurtful lover, minus the belittling.

It’s Raining Men

– A song released by Weather Girls in 1982. This speaks about how different types of men excite and stimulate enjoyment.

Eye of the Tiger

– A song released by Survivor in 1982. This speaks about overcoming hardships.

Girls just want to have fun

– A song released by Cyndi Lauper in 1983. This speaks about how women want to experience the same things as men from an egalitarian viewpoint.

Uptown Girl

– A song released by Billy Joel in 1983. This speaks about a working-class “downtown man” and his attempts to pursue a well-off “uptown girl”.

Love Is a Battlefield

– A song released by Pat Benatar in 1983. This speaks about the feeling of being heartbroken and likens the scenario to being a victim of war.

How Will I Know

– A song released by Whitney Houston in 1985. This speaks about the uncertainty of knowing if the person you like is going to share the same feeling.

Girls, Girls, Girls

– A song released by Motley Crue in 1987. This speaks about a selection of strip clubs.

Hey Ladies

– A song released by the Beastie Boys in 1989. This speaks about how American males live notorious and ignominious lifestyles.

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Hit bouquet toss songs of the 90s

Just a Girl

– A song released by No Doubt in 1995. This speaks about the female singer’s outlook on life and how it was growing up with strict parents.


– A song released by Spice Girls in 1996. This speaks about how female friendship is more important than the heterosexual bond and is a symbol of female empowerment as well.

Man! I feel like a woman!

– A song released by Shania Twain in 1997. This speaks about women empowerment and how much fun it is to be a woman.

American Woman

– A song released by Lenny Kravitz in 1998. This speaks about how American women can be so tempting.

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Hit bouquet toss songs of the 2000s

Independent Women

– A song released by Destiny’s Child in 2000. This speaks about a woman in an independent relationship and how she does not need her man to buy her stuff.


– A song released by Britney Spears in 2000. This speaks about a woman who is fed up with her boyfriend’s deception and how she decides she can live without him.

Lady Marmalade

– A song released by Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, and Pink in 2001. This speaks about the sexual invitation.


– A song released by Kelis in 2003. This speaks about women having that quality that makes them special and confident.

This one’s for the Girls

– A song released by Martina McBride in 2003. This speaks about women dealing with all sorts of hardships all throughout their lives, and it gives the message that they are already beautiful the way they are.

Hollaback Girl

– A song released by Gwen Stefani in 2004. This speaks about not being a behind-the-scenes personality and of taking the lead in the squad.

Redneck Woman

– A song released by Gretchen Wilson in 2004. This speaks about the real persona of the singer herself.

Gold Digger

– A song released by Kanye West in 2005. This speaks about the miserable life of a man who is married to a woman who stays with him for financial gain.


– A song released by Fergie featuring Ludacris in 2007. This speaks about the singer staying grounded despite the success and prominence she has achieved.

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)

– A song released by Beyoncé in 2008. This speaks about the reluctance of the male to commit to a serious relationship with his partner, and the female is depicted to be enjoying her post-breakup status in a club.

Haven’t Met You Yet

– A song released by Michael Bublé in 2009. This speaks about everyone’s dream of being in a perfect relationship and finding perfect love.

Little White Church

– A song released by Little Big Town in 2010. This speaks about how in a relationship, the woman has to let the guy chase her.

California Gurls

– A song released by Katy Perry in 2010. This speaks about how wonderful West Coast girls are.

Only One in the World

– A song released by Rihanna in 2010. This speaks about how a woman calls for physical intimacy from her lover.

Country Girl (Shake It for Me)

– A song released by Luke Bryan in 2011. This speaks about how a country girl gets wild and is set in a country genre.

Dear Future Husband

– A song released by Meghan Trainor in 2015. This speaks about the qualities that women are looking for in a suitor and touches on themes of chivalry and marriage.

I Like It

– A song released by Cardi B in 2018. This speaks about what the writer likes from her man, versed in both English and Spanish.

7 Rings

– A song released by Ariana Grande in 2019. This speaks about how the singer has achieved access and along with it, all the finer things in life.

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Counterpart to the Bouquet Toss

It is not only single ladies who want to nab some of the good luck of the newlywed couple but men as well. After the tossing of the prized bridal bouquet, the groomsmen would rush to grab the bridal garter as it gets thrown by the groom into the crowd. The person who succeeds in obtaining the symbolic garter is believed to be the next one to tie the knot.


Incorporating the bouquet toss in your wedding reception seems like such a fun way to end the ceremony. Aside from the excellent photo opportunities this provides, it is a good way for all the single guests to mingle and socialize with each other out on the dance floor. All you need is a great playlist – the right selection of wedding songs, from the first dance song down to the last song, and add to that, some of the best bouquet toss songs mixed up with a few garter toss songs. You and your guests are guaranteed to have a wedding with memories that will last a lifetime.

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