The Perfect Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas

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By Eivan’s Wedding Team

Do you dream of saying I do in a rustic barn wedding venue? This guide is to help you make your wedding party a picture perfect!

We help you reconnect with nature while creating memories of your wedding day. We also encourage you spend less on your big day with the rustic wedding decorations.

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What barn wedding style do you want?

Before you go looking for that perfect rustic barn venue, think about the wedding style you want.

  • Country barn wedding: This style includes cowboy boots and hats, rich wedding décor accents of metal, leather decor, dusty blue or blush rose color palette.
  • Classic rustic wedding chic: It includes mason jars, burlaps, rough wood detail with a sift color palette. This style highlights the natural features of the venue including high ceilings, rolling green and exposed wood.
  • Shabby chic wedding: It features DIY homemade or vintage elements for a charming ambiance. It highlights simple yet sophisticated style with whitewashed accents, chalkboard style and a combination of lace and flowers.
  • Elegant barn wedding: Features twinkle string lights, luxurious fabric draping, accents of lace and chandeliers against a palette of deep hues.

You can choose your personalized wedding style by blending any of these elements.

You are now ready to choose a barn wedding venue. But wait a second!

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What time of the year do you want to get married?

Before you go looking for the barn wedding venue, consider the season you want to get married. Summer time will not reveal the mud bagged fields that show up in spring time.

That swaying tall grass you fell in love with might be hay by the time fall wedding season begins. Winter storms and winds might gust through the building making it too cold for comfort.

Consider these factors when looking for the barn venue

Does the venue meet your requirements?

Rustic barn venues are trending, but not every one of them is event ready!

  • Is the venue permitted to host events?
  • Does it have a kitchen space for the caterer?
  • Does it have a valid liquor license?
  • Is it weatherproof?
  • Does it have appropriate air conditioning or heating?

Is the venue all inclusive?

Find out what the venue provides:

  • tables
  • chairs
  • linens
  • sound systems
  • restrooms
  • parking

Though barn weddings are less expensive, they could end up very expensive if they don’t provide most of the required items.

It is easily accessible?

Is the road network accessible during the winter or rainy days?

Does the barn provide adequate lighting?

Not only inside the barn but outdoor areas as well for photography purposes. Do you need more light if you choose to have a nighttime wedding?

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Who is helping you with the planning?

Some barn venues have event coordinators while others need you to bring in a wedding planner. Make sure you have enough time to help you organize and set up before the wedding.

Preparing your guests for the rustic barn wedding vibe

Do not surprise your guests, let them know in advance if you are getting married in a barn or outdoors. Offer ideas on how to dress for the wedding. Send out rustic wedding invitations with a hint of natural, rustic theme.

Keep your guests in mind when choosing your barn setup decor ideas. Hay bales and farm animals both provoke allergies. Hay bales are also uncomfortable for long sitting especially for the elderly. Offer alternative seating options and pack some bug spray to make it more comfortable for your guests.

Think of activities that you and your guests can enjoy and engage in.

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Barn DIY wedding bouquet ideas

  • Get bouquets that match the barn wedding style. They include
  • Baby’s breaths bouquet – simple yet elegant for many wedding themes
  • A single flower bouquet – sunflower is a country wedding favorite
  • A mix up of wildflowers – black-eyed Susans, daisies and Queen Anne’s lace
  • A non-traditional bouquet – a flora ring bouquet or a pomander with a twine handle
  • A lavish accent – Add berries, wheat, herbs, greenery or feathers
  • Skip the bouquet altogether – Choose to carry a lantern, fan or parasol if you are not enthusiastic about bouquets.
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Wedding ceremony ideas for barn weddings

If you want the ceremony and the reception at the same spot, get creative with the surrounding nature. Strike balance between the scenery and your décor.

  • Create an outstanding backdrop of your ceremony.
  • Use repurposed pallets or wood or metal.
  • Build a plank wall with repurposed pallets
  • Hang wreaths on the wall or drape it with twinkle light strings, flowing fabric or floral garlands.
  • Use wooden doors – opened or closed with a matching theme. Wooden barn doors, weathered farmhouse doors, glass paned or shutter style.
  • Say your vows under an arbor crafted with leaves, vines, flowers or greenery branches.
  • Use a metal or wooden arch at the entrance of the wedding ceremony. Customized with climbing vines, blooming floral or draped cloth for a country style
brown wooden house near green trees under white clouds during daytime

Make the aisle pop out with these rustic wedding ideas

  • Decorate the aisle with lanterns or candles, lush green ferns or fairy lights
  • Use cut log stumps as platforms for the wedding cake, candles or floral arrangements
  • Skip the aisle runner and use hay or grass for a summer wedding
  • Use wedding flower petals, branches, pumpkins or leaves on the aisle edge
  • Use galvanized metal buckets to display floral arrangements
  • Wedding centerpieces ideas for barn venues
  • Go for fresh blooms or wildflowers in mason jars or glass vases
  • Get a burlap table runner with lace on the edges
  • Use paper lanterns of different types, shapes and sizes
  • Twine, tulle or lace wrapped wine bottles with willow branches
  • Fresh fruits-apples, berries, peaches, red pears with fresh flowers for the dessert table
  • Carved out logs filled with floral arrangements, candles or succulents
  • Pumpkins of different colors and sizes, you can spray paint them to get a variety of colors.
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