Amelia and Farron’s Romantic Nature Affair

    Close your eyes and imagine looking up, it’s merely a ceiling filled with windows that are helping sunlight cascade down your exquisite dress while you gaze into the eyes of the person who is ready to jump into the next part of their life with you. This similar setting created at the wedding between Amelia and Farron, they were married inside a greenhouse and took pictures within the grounds of a vast green property. This couple not only continued with a very traditional look, but they also switched to something a bit more environmental during their photoshoot.

    Amelia completely captivated her family, friends, and soon-to-be husband while wearing a ball gown style dress with a sweetheart neckline. The dress held lots of tulle and sequins combined with a rhinestone belt. Her look complemented with an extra long rhinestoned veil, long sparkly earrings, one single diamond encrusted bangle, one more full-size bracelet with more diamonds, snow white flats, two different garters (one with rhinestones, the other with pearls), and a lovely set fishtail braid. Amelia shined through her ravishing look due to her radiating smile and glowing expressions. Throughout Amelia and Farron’ special day, her look transformed from a classic and elegant ensemble into looking like a nature-driven princess. Her transformation included changing from her luxurious veil into a vibrant pink and white flowered flower crown.

    Continuing with the color theme of pink, white, and blue, the bride had a bright pink manicure that complemented the dresses of the bridesmaids. They wore short light pink dresses yet each one showed a bit of personality because each bridesmaid had a different style dress. Although the bridesmaids wore pink ensembles, the groomsmen wore bright blue suits, tan dress shoes, black ties, and intricate watches. The groomsmen’s looks went and matched the overall decor at the reception of Amelia and Farron’s marriage. Even though Farron’s counterparts wore blue, he wore a black tuxedo, black bowtie, hipster sunglasses, a white pocket square, wooden-faced watch, and black dress shoes.

    Their whole day met the purest form of graceful elegance, yet also contained many favorite trends developed within 2016. Some of the patterns being photos with their dearest pets, delegating sunglasses, and the classic photo of kissing under the veil.

    If you are looking for inspiration into a classic yet nature built wedding, then this affair between Amelia and Farron is the one for you.

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