7 Fresh Summer Wedding Color Collections

By Eivan’s Photo & Video Editors

woman in red tube dress holding bouquet of flowers
Getting Married in Summer 2020
If you are getting married in 2020 summers, you need the right color schemes for your wedding. From the cake decor to the bouquet, everything should adopt this color theme.
The summer wedding color palette needs to remain up-to-date in fashion. So, summer weddings have the best natural colors with blue skies and colorful flowers.
One big reason more people have a wedding in the summer is more color combinations can apply to the wedding. Anyone who has difficulty choosing the right summer wedding colors, here’s some inspiration. As you’re about to learn, for your warm-weather party, all you need is to find the right shade.
So, if you’re opting to match new colors with old classics here are our favorite summer wedding colors to suit your wedding style.
The best-painted palettes are featured in the summer weddings— and for a good reason, we are sandwiched with rich tones of drop between streams of pastels from the spring. Use the hues of the season and add the color scheme to your ideal shiny wedding. See our favorite color combinations from preppy to rustic to inspire your wedding theme.

Cantaloupe Shades

It’s not overflowing with music, but it’s a summer love song for every fun house out there without any fear of light. With bursts of cantaloupe shades.
The color palette is juicy this summer. Talk of the suggestions about the summer wedding colors concept that ooze subtlety? So, inspiration from the cantaloupe.
The color represents the mystical contrast between the consciousness aspects of an individual.
It has a milky taste and serves as the best soul mate of orange shade. Also, it tones down the orange color’s brightness and anticipation.
This subject is better known as a theme for a summer wedding. It also softens the restlessness of orange like love. Orange and cantaloupe are such a great match with a mint green tie.
bride and groom with the wedding party on the stairs

Violet Grape Color

This rates as one of the best summer wedding colors. This is a sultry voice that enables the change between bright summer colors to the sublime.
It’s divine as quiet, luminous, and elegant as it is. It is a color of choice for dresses, cake decoration, and floral arrangements.
Mix it with crab apple color, and you’d have the perfect wedding palette for the season. Make dresses with a combination of light blue or metallic gold with this color.
Please stick to your style with the most luminous grape color so that they don’t go to dark fall color. Try mixing the light and dark shades in the bride’s dress.
You will create an elegant look with white bridal attire and light purple flowers. You can also select a white wedding cake, or white linen, and a display of light purple floral decorations.
wedding party is taking silly pictures

Blue to it’s Purest

The magnificent blue shade symbolizes optimism, peace, purity, and meditation. It takes the form of a twin blend of heaven and sea.
It’s cooperative yet constructing because it offers harmony, morale, and safety. Also, it’s one of the main reasons why reputable companies like it.
Blue is a very vibrant shade. This color that will last until 2020 and beyond. Also, it’s perfect for clothing brands against all ages.
Design your dress and the venue theme in blue color to make it look spirited and lively. This elegant blend is the ideal choice for summer and spring weddings.
Choose light blue bridesmaids dresses and arrange blue and white flowers for bouquets.
a bride and her bridesmaids lined up for a picture

Tangerine mixed with a Marsala Shade

Although orange pops are not rare in warm-weather activities, you usually don’t see the color tone take center stage (yellow generally occurs as a splashy accent color).

To alter that, we’re here. Intrigued by the idea of using the citrus hue as your primary tone, but what about the light element you want to temper?

Pair it with quiet marsala, a red-brown, and terra-cotta fire. As evidenced, tangerine-hued carnations against a textured marsala backdrop, it’s an unexpected but state-making combination that will look gorgeous.

Although red and blue are free colors in the summer, this combination needs to be used with a soft touch. Small orange-blue pops offer an exceptionally bright appearance. Tangerine offers a summery feel instead of orange.

image of a wedding party posed like tog of war

Metallic gold with sage and peachy tone

Find inspiration for an outdoor wedding in the flowering trees that display their new seasonal fruits.

Combine sweet, leafy sage with a soft peach for a feeling influenced by summer wedding for extra glamour. Go for a short, airy, stylish gown in apricot, since you and your girls are going to be partying outdoors.

The peachy shade will inevitably pop against the natural greenery backdrop. Also, fill up the venue with exquisite greens and beautifully flavored peach pinks, and make it easy and sweet to hold the remaining atmosphere in metallic gold.

So, add the most elegant touches of beauty with gold, such as golden table numbers and giant golden candlesticks.

image of a wedding party lined up in the city

Creamy purple and yellow blend

Pair different colors for a summer blend that nobody has ever tried.

Yellow and purple, running across the wheel of the paint, is an unusual yet splashy combination, and it will be a great and glowing combination for the bridal dress.

Her bright robe will highlight with a multicolored package of creamy purple and different shades of yellow and flowers that matched her special outfit.

The groom should wear a purple outfit with a yellow tie and pocket cover. What a fantastic combination! Purple is sparkling and rich to create a blush reception.

The styling in a yellow and purple blend is perfect for the wedding in the summer.

an image of a bride and her bridesmaids on the bridge

Try bright blue with ivory

If you love sun-kissed skin and salty hair with your hubby to be, a happy beach marriage is a spot.

Tune into the organic colors of the sea, the pale blue skies, and fluffy white clouds, in an ivory and grey shades.

Choose a beach halter model with breezy fabrics for your best friends. For the summer weather, mix and match blue colors as marine and cerulean.

Let the guys appreciate the relaxed atmosphere, with sand straps with no collars in blue color (no ties please!). The options are abundant when it comes to summer wedding colors.

Scatter the aqua glass and the fake silver starfish around tables’ capes; nest the tall candles of the ivory pillar in miniature seashells, highlight the floral arrangements in white and light blue, in coral-like sections.

image of bride and her bridesmaids.

Other options

The dark, dusty rose gold wedding arch is the right choice, while the dusty rose band substantially balances the marinades.

So, don’t forget to add some gold and blush shades, too — another suggestion in the summer wedding color themes. Coral is a perfect color to complement the soothing green of summer, which you can use for rustic outdoor weddings.

The spring green lawn will be so stunning with the white bride, coral bridesmaids, and lime bouquets. In a colorful classical combination that’s extraordinary, the contrasting shades of blush pink and navy blue – essentially acting as the summer-time version of black and white can also be the right combination.

Also, try blue with lilac. The year 2020 is a wedding year of silver, green jade, and grey, subdued with brown tones. So, it can pair with other positive earthy tones such as taupe, grey pigeon, beige, and light brown.

Try to use multi-colored schemes this year for summer weddings. With that said, use light make up with vibrant colors to enhance the classy and trendy look of your wedding. Also, match the photography locations in colors.

image of wedding party playing tug of war with the newlyweds

If your marriage takes place in the summer months, you will get a better selection of roses, which we encouraged in our blog for summer wedding colors. August, which is still the late summer month with blooming flowers, offers some of the perfect and brightest colors. What colors do you use for a summer wedding? Seek inspirations of our given summer wedding color combinations. Also, for a broad range of choices, we even provide a selection of wedding colors for all seasons around! No room for some imagination and color, just like in season, so adopt one of the reliable and vibrant colors for your warm-weather vows!