Ellie and Scott’s Outstanding New York Wedding

    Would you like to start your new life with your true love in the beautiful New York City? Ellie and Scott spent their entire day traveling around the city celebrating their joyous day. Ellie’s beautiful tight white lace gowns accented with Scott’s blue tuxedo and pink tie that fit lovely into the romantic atmosphere the couple created. Ellie’s look combined with a pair of white rhinestoned heels, exquisite up-do, floral hairpiece, pink and white rose bouquet, pure white pearls, and sparkling jewelry.

    Transcending through the city, the soon-to-be husband and wife engaged in all sorts of different locations such as the Washington Square Arch and various kinds of classy bars. They kept a very classic tone to their wedding by having unique photographs taken of them in unconventional settings. Their photos not only depicted their pure happiness and joy as they begin their new life together, but they also retain a very editorial feel.

    Helping to depict the first step into this couple’s new life was the exquisite decorations. Some being the elegant light up arch covered in white flowers, the candles lit everywhere, delicately placed rose petals, and the ever so favorite bubble maker. The use of bubble makers at weddings have become extremely popular recently in 2017, although every wedding uses it differently. Ellie and Scott placed their bubble maker near their guestbook and desserts so that all of their guests could join in on the festivities.

    Another outstanding part of this wedding that stood out quite a bit was how the couple continued with their Chinese traditions when addressing their parents and presenting them with their drink and gift. In my fair opinion, I feel that Ellie’s dress even had a bit of Asian flair that helps to pick up her spunky personality.

    Ellie and Scott’s Perfect day filled with many different layers to a delectable outcome that any and all couples should be willing to strive for and achieve. Book your wedding today!