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You’re Engaged!

Your engagement is amongst the most fun-loving experiences you will ever have with your soon-to-be husband or wife! Don’t let the stress of planning your wedding take away from the special moments you and your spouse are creating during this new chapter of your lives together. This session doesn’t require you to pick the perfect flowers or match your dress to your shoes, all it requires is a smile and the one you love!

Planning your engagement session is going to be one of the easiest tasks in your wedding event planning process and one of the most enjoyable. Any location you choose will be a great one as long as you remember was is most important, each other. You could choose to take your photos in the great outdoors, or in the comfort of your living room, no matter what route you choose as long as you have fun with it, your photos will come out adorable and showcase the love you are about to share with all of your friends and family. We love to see photos of our clients from these shoots because we feel that the engagement shots you take are the most natural of your photos. You get to take this opportunity to show off your love for each other in a stress free way. Wear what you want, do what you want and go where ever you want before your wedding which will be full of perfectly crafted moments, take this opportunity to have some carefree genuine fun with one another.

At Eivan’s, we can include engagement sessions free in packages because it is very important to us that you are able to not only have great shots together before tying-the-knot, but also, to meet the Eivan’s Photographer who will be shooting your wedding. This allows you to feel more comfortable with your Photographer before your big day with the man or woman behind the camera. And it also allows the photographer some time to get to know you and make sure that they can create the perfect photos that are specialized to fit your needs. Every one of our Photographers are trained to assist you in choosing the best poses and moments to share, while also making you feel as comfortable and natural as possible. We want you to feel that your Photographer is not only capturing the moments for you, but helping you to create them.

We feel that you shouldn’t just have photos to remember this time of your lives,  you should enjoy taking them! So go a little crazy, bring the pet that loves you both, wear the clothes you wore on your first date, take your photos doing the things you love together, Maybe even go bowling! We want you to use these photos to create unique memories because your engagement and your wedding will only come once, and we want to capture every moment for you.

We recommend having your session within 6-8 months before your wedding date. This gives enough time for you to send out Save The Date cards to your guests and make sure they can plan ahead and be there when you say,  I Do! It also gives you plenty of time to consider having some of your engagement photos displayed at your wedding, we have noticed a growing trend of our couples being so in love with their engagement photos that they choose to use them for fun decorations at the wedding such as movie posters or center pieces!

We can’t wait to see the unique ideas you come up with!

Take a look at some great shots from our Eivan’s couples  as they prepare to walk down the Aisle.

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